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American Revolutionary
British Propaganda
This shows a customs official being
tarred and feathered under a Liberty
Tree (used by mobs to hang Loyalists)
by jeering revolutionaries, during the
Boston Tea Party
In this picture who looks like the bad
Boston Massacre
Colonist Propaganda
British Propaganda
Intolerable Acts
The Loyalists were in the thick of things
and obviously had strong feelings
against the revolutionaries, but opinion
back in London was more complex. The
handling of the problem was certainly
criticized (even by those who didn't
support the revolution). Here's a British
pamphlet criticizing the handling of the
affairs in Boston:
United or Die
Patriot Propaganda
British Propaganda
You decide which side this is on?
Patriot Propaganda
Boston Massacre
Which side is this this one supporting?
Boston Tea Party
You Decide?
Stamp Act British
Stamp Act for the Colonists
Sugar Act British
Stamp Act of the Colonists
You Decide Which side is this helping?
Repeal of the Stamp Act
Sons and Daughters of Liberty