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Young People’s Theatre Companies
Click on the links below to find out more about these companies:
20 Stories High
20 Stories High create dynamic, challenging theatre which attracts new audiences. With a
mix of professional touring productions, youth theatre and community projects, the company
nurture new writing and involve young people at every stage of the theatre making process.
Action Transport Theatre Company
Action Transport Theatre exists to put new writing and young people at the heart of UK
Theatre. They are the only specialist new writing and dedicated young people’s theatre
company in Cheshire, developing new writing for traditional and non-traditional spaces.
artsdepot is the only professional arts venue in the London Borough of Barnet and is
committed to providing a diverse range of high quality visual and performance arts for
everyone, with a varied and exciting programme for family audiences.
Big Brum Theatre Company
Big Brum Theatre in Education Company seeks to provide the highest quality theatre-ineducation programmes for children and young people across all age ranges and abilities in
schools, specialist units and colleges in the West Midlands.
Birmingham REP Theatre
Birmingham Repertory Theatre is one of Britain’s leading producing theatre companies and
as a pioneer of new plays, the commissioning and production of new work including work for
younger audience’s lies at the core of their programme.
Box Clever Theatre Company
Box Clever is an award-winning, writer-led theatre company dedicated to the creation of
contemporary theatre for young people. Their work has reached thousands of young people
across the UK and beyond, with artistic productions and workshops that are imaginative and
Catherine Wheels Theatre Company
Catherine Wheels are a Scottish children’s theatre company and was formed in 1999. It is
has a strong international reputation as a leading producer of theatre for children and young
people, creating playful and highly visual shows.
Company of Angels
Company of Angels is at the cutting edge of new work for and about young people, in theatre
and other media. Their aim is to stage bold and inventive new work for younger audiences,
whilst providing developmental opportunities for emerging artists.
The Egg, Theatre Royal
The Egg is an award-winning, specially-designed theatre for children and young people and
is part of the Theatre Royal in Bath. Their aim is to ensure that every young person should
have the opportunity to experience and participate in the arts and their programme provides
many opportunities for this.
Fevered Sleep
Fevered Sleep are a company who make new work in performance, installation and film for
children and adults. Their work takes place in theatres and galleries, as well as in unusual
places both indoors and out. Their work grows through collaboration and conversation with
artists and their audiences.
Fuse: New Theatre for Young People
Fuse are a theatre company who provide children from birth to eleven years with excellent
new theatre and drama experiences that fuse fun, creativity, learning and development. One
of their priorities is to introduce theatre to places where there is little or no access to artistic
Half Moon Young People’s Theatre
Established in 1990, Half Moon is an organisation, based in East London. The company
gives young people the opportunity to experience the best in young people's theatre, as a
participant and audience member. The company also engages with participants who often
feel excluded from arts activity.
Jackson’s Lane
Jacksons Lane is a multi-arts venue in North London with an innovative programme of
contemporary circus, comedy, dance and performance. It has an intimate family atmosphere
and attracts artists from all around the world to showcase their work.
Lyngo Theatre Company
Lyngo is a children’s theatre company that has been touring the UK, Ireland and Europe
since 2003. They have brought a new and innovative theatre from Italy, based on the
principles of ‘object theatre’ to many different venues and have had regular support and
funding from the Arts Council, England.
M6 Theatre Company
M6 Theatre Company is acknowledged as one of Britain’s leading theatre companies
creating and delivering dynamic, high quality and relevant productions for young audiences.
They programme highly visual work for young audiences and powerful new dramas for older
Moby Duck Theatre Company
Moby Duck Theatre performs stimulating, challenging and accessible stories for young
people and adults that celebrate the common ground between cultures. Their usage of
music, dance and mime, as well as animation and charismatic puppetry, creates accessible
performances, appealing to all.
New Perspectives
New Perspectives exists to create an inspiring, popular and critically-acclaimed programme
of touring theatre that touches the lives of individuals and communities in the rural East
Midlands and reaches out to new audiences through regular national and occasional
international touring.
Oily Cart
Since 1981 Oily Cart has been taking its unique blend of theatre to children and young
people in schools and venues across the UK. They create innovative, multi-sensory and
highly interactive productions for the very young and for young people with profound and
multiple learning disabilities.
Pandora’s Box Theatre Company
Pandora's Box Theatre Company write and produce theatre shows specifically aimed at the
under 10's. The intention of the company is to stimulate young imaginations using
storytelling, humour, music, slapstick, puppetry and magic, all wrapped up in the wonderful
world of theatre.
Peut-être Theatre
Peut-être Theatre was set up to bring a new aesthetic to the world of theatre for children. The
company is devoted to challenging young audiences through performances and is committed
to sharing ideas in an interactive and accessible way through visual, physical and musical
Pied Piper Theatre
Pied Piper was created in 1984 and produces exciting, high quality and magical plays for
children, touring to theatres and schools. They work in schools, theatres and art centres,
specialising in new writing or new adaptations of favourite stories or books.
Pilot Theatre Company
Pilot Theatre is the award winning company based at York Theatre Royal. They specialise in
work on the middle scale for young people in collaboration with their venue partners, offering
a strong support network of educational resources, workshops and interactive opportunities.
Polka Theatre
Polka Theatre is one of the few venues in the UK which is dedicated to producing and
presenting work for young audiences. At Polka, children aged 0 to 13 enjoy a wide-range of
creative programming, where audiences see the work of imaginative new writers.
Proteus Theatre
Proteus are an award winning theatre company who believe that the audience is as important
as the artist to the dynamic and relevant work they create. They produce collaborative touring
shows, projects, residencies and workshop opportunities for the wider community.
Royal Exchange
The Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester has a rich tradition of commissioning and
producing work for younger audiences. Every June, The Studio is devoted to celebrating
theatre that has been especially made and imagined for a new generation of theatre goers
Sixth Sense Theatre
Sixth Sense produces high quality contemporary theatre that helps young people to fulfil their
potential. Their work encourages young people to participate in and lead the theatre making
process, especially those young people who are not yet involved in theatre activities.
Stratford Circus
Stratford Circus is a vibrant performing arts centre driven by great artistic experiences and
the diverse communities of east London. It engages directly with young people and artists
leading to the development of new work and the professional development of individuals.
TAG Theatre
TAG is the longest established touring theatre company in Scotland. The company draws
upon unparalleled experience in generating memorable creative experiences for young
citizens, offering a broad range of high quality productions and participatory projects.
Tall Stories Theatre Company
Tall Stories was founded in 1997 and present old, new and timeless stories in a physical,
visual style, always acknowledging the presence of the audience. Their productions link
original music with dynamic movement and lots of laughs.
Tell Tale Hearts Theatre
Tell Tale Hearts devise and deliver participatory theatre productions exclusively for primary
children and younger years. They promote accessibility through devising pieces that appeal
to children of mixed abilities and cultural backgrounds.
Theatre Centre
We are a professional theatre company that commissions new writing, touring nationally to
schools and venues. Collaborating with artists and teachers, Theatre Centre produces high
quality theatre experiences for young audiences and young theatre-makers.
Theatre Hullabaloo
Theatre Hullabaloo is a pioneering theatre company creating quality work for young
audiences. They collaborate with artists at the forefront of their art form to promote the rights
of all children and young people to participate fully in a cultural and artistic life.
Theatre-Rites have a distinct and unique approach to creating theatre for young people. It
was formed in 1995 and its prime aim is to create work which feeds the imaginations of
young people and gives them a memorable theatrical experience.
Travelling Light Theatre Company
Travelling Light create theatre for young audiences and are based in Bristol. They are highly
regarded nationally and internationally for producing excellent theatre for young audiences,
that engages young children and places them at the heart of all their work.
Tutti Frutti
Tutti frutti delights children with meaningful, imaginative, story based theatre that is created
for children aged 3+ and their families. Their tours bring artists and children together to
explore and develop creativity.
Unicorn Theatre
The Unicorn Theatre is the UK’s leading theatre for young audiences, young people and
families. It is a central part of the Unicorn’s mission to commission new work and to
encourage exchange and collaboration between theatre-makers.
Unpacked Theatre Company
Unpacked Theatre is a Brighton based company of artists from a wide range of disciplines.
Through various theatrical styles, they explore folk tales and festive stories through live
music and puppetry.
Visible Fictions
Visible Fictions are a Scottish company who create vibrant, high quality and accessible
theatre for young people and adults alike. Their collaborative productions visit schools,
institutions, communities and work places to build bespoke projects that surprise and excite.
Wee Stories
Wee Stories is an award-winning theatre company, creating a high quality, unique brand of
story-telling theatre for all generations. Their passion and enthusiasm is for stories - old and
new, rooting people - particularly children - in their culture, history and tradition.