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PERF 400: Advanced Performing Arts Studio
Spring 2017 Production Proposal Form
Every spring semester the WKU Department of Theatre and Dance produces a number of student
directed productions. If you would like to propose a production for this series, you need to
complete and submit a digital copy of the attached Production Proposal Forms to Professor
Stroot by the announced deadline. (Forms should also be available on the Theatre and Dance
Department web site.)
Proposal deadline for the Spring 2017 Series
12 Noon Friday November 11
Eligibility Requirements:
 You must be a Theatre & Dance Department major or minor in good standing.
 Proposing Directors must have successfully completed THEA 371: Directing I with a
grade of C or better.
In addition to these basic eligibility criteria, the following will also considered
when making decisions about which proposals will be given the green light:
 Artistic vision: strength of proposed production concept.
 Do-ability: realistic alignment between proposed production concept and available
departmental production support resources. The underlying assumption here is that well
written, small cast, technically simple productions are much more likely to achieve
high quality production values, and will be given priority consideration.
Proposals must be complete, thoughtful and carefully prepared to be considered.
Carelessly prepared and/or incomplete proposals will be returned without consideration.
Western Kentucky University Department of Theatre and Dance
Spring 2017 Advanced Performing Arts Studio
Production Proposal Form
-Cover PageName:
Degree Program:
BFA Performing Arts with a concentration in __________________
BA Theatre
BA Dance
Other (please list here) __________________________
Planned graduation date:
Current GPA:
Cell Phone number:
I have attached a current Department of Theatre and Dance Student Production Resume ______
Section I: Project Summary
Date of composition:
Publisher: (If you are proposing an unpublished work, you must include a complete draft
with your proposal.)
Royalty costs:
Estimated run time:
(60 minute maximum, strictly enforced)
Character Briefs Table
Brief Description/Special Characteristics
Total Number of characters:
Total Number of performers needed to play these characters:
Narrative/Plot Summary
Time/Locale Chronology
Briefly describe any special rehearsal and production requirements/challenges you foresee
Section II: Concept Outline
A. The Play: Write a succinct, articulate statement explaining what you think this play “is
about” under the surface of the simple plot you summarized in section I. What universal
ideas, themes and other special qualities do you see at the core of this story, as written?
B. This Production: Summarize the overall style and atmosphere you would like to evoke with
this production, that you believe will compellingly illuminate for an audience what you
explained in section II above. How do you envision the various production areas (acting,
scenery, costumes, lighting, sound etc.) contributing to the creation of that overall style and
Section III: Staffing
List the job titles of all of the company members (performance and production) you anticipate
needing, including the name of any individuals you have already gotten commitments from. If
you are proposing a musical, be sure to include music director, rehearsal accompanist, musicians,
choreographer etc.