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Catalog Description:
Lec. 3. Cr. 3.
Prerequisite: ECE 6170.
Advanced topics in the design of FPGA-based embedded systems including data stream
management, embedded systems for multi-media, real-time embedded systems, and
embedded system security.
Course Coordinator: Dr. Omar Elkeelany
Textbook(s) and Supplemental Material(s):
Paper reading list
Altera MicroC/OS-II Real-Time Operating System documentation
Altera Quartus II software manual
Altera Nios II Integrated Development Environment documentation
Course Goal(s):
To address the advanced embedded systems research streams in: Reconfigurable
Computing, Data Steaming Management, Embedded Systems for Multimedia, Real-Time
Operating Systems & Middleware, and Embedded System Security.
Instructional Outcomes for the Course:
Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:
1. Address relevant research topics in
a. Reconfigurable computing
b. Data Steaming Management
c. Embedded Systems for Multimedia
d. Real-time embedded systems
e. Embedded System Security
2. Make presentations on relevant research areas and propose new ideas.
3. Utilize a top-down modular design process to complete a medium complexity
embedded system design project under semi-real-life design constraints.
Course Topics:
1. Introduction to contemporary concepts and challenges of embedded systems
2. Reconfigurable Computing
3. Data Steaming Management
4. Embedded Systems for Multimedia
5. Real-Time Operating Systems & Middleware
6. Embedded System Security