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Fossils ~
Objective: Define four types of
fossils and how they are made.
Journal Entry
• When you think of
fossils, what pictures
come to your mind?
• They are the remains of dead plants and
animals from a long time ago.
There are four types of fossils!
• Imprint
Preserved Part
What are Imprint Fossils?
• Imprint fossils are like your footprints.
• An imprint is made when a plant or animal
leaves a print in the soil. The soil then
hardens. The imprint looks like the plant or
Examples of Imprint Fossils
What are Molds?
• Molds begin when an animal dies.
• The remains of the dead plants and
animals get buried in the mud, and the
mud hardens.
• After a long time, water dissolves the plant
or animal remains and a hole is left. The
hole looks just like the plant or animal that
Examples of Fossil Molds
What are Casts?
• When a mold is later filled with soil, and
the soil hardens, it becomes a cast.
Examples of Cast Fossils
What are Preserved Parts?
• When plants and animals have hardened
and turned to stone.
• This takes a long time to happen
Review with a Song!!!
Written By: Ms. Rich
Sung By: A Class Full of Paleontologists
What Can Fossils Tell Us about Life
Long Ago?
Fossils Can Tell Us Where Plants
and Animals Lived.
Fossils Can Tell Us about Weather
Conditions in the Past.
found the remains
of many plants and
animals in this
region. What can
that tell you about
the weather
in the past?
Review with a Song!!!
Written By: Ms. Rich
Sung By: A Class Full of Paleontologists