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JENNY GREEMAN (DIRECTOR) directed the Dark Lady Players’ 2010
production of Hamlet’s Apocalypse, Shakespeare's Virgin Mary
Allegories (Where Eagles Dare Short Subjects Festival 2009), our As
You Like It workshops(Midtown International Theater Festival 2008),
and assistant directed our 2007 adaptation A Midsummer Night’s
Dream; a Comic Jewish Satire at the Abingdon theater. She has over
a decade of NYC theatre experience as an actor, producer, and
MEGAN ABELL is a senior in the Film and TV
program at NYU's Tisch School of the arts. She's
also studied classical theatre at RADA and is an
ongoing student at T.Schreiber Studio. Her
theater credits include A Midsummer Nights
Dream (Titania), Pygmalion (Eliza Doolittle), and
Amadeus (Antonio Salieri). She's also acted in
numerous short films.
MONICA MILLER is a graduate of
NYU Tisch School of the Arts
through Stella Adler, Stonestreet
and RADA. Shakespeare credits
include The Tempest (Prospero),
Troilus and Cressida (Thersites),
and Pericles (Thaisa/Diana). This is
Monica's first production with the
Dark Lady Players.
MEAGHAN CROSS is an actor, singer, sometimes dancer,
and producer, who has been performing almost every style
of theatre since the age of five. Meaghan, a Sarah Lawrence
College alumna, is also a founding member of her own
theatre company, The Bent Quill Players. In addition to
theatre, Meaghan enjoys teaching and working with
children and will be continuing her studies this fall at NYU
Steinhardt, to obtain her Graduate Degree in Educational
Theatre. This is Meaghan's first time working with The Dark Lady Players and it has been
a blast working with such similarly minded theatre people (aka wonderfully loveable
nerds!) To find out more about Meaghan, visit her website at
PETRA SANADER trained at the Academy of
Dramatic Arts in Zagreb, at the Royal Academy of
Dramatic Art, and at the Lee Strasberg Institute of
Film and Television. She also trained in improv with
Upright Citizens Brigade. She has appeared in
Eroupe as Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing and
as Ophelia in Hamlet. This is her first production
with the Dark Lady Players.
MIMI HIRT is a graduate of NYU Tisch School and RADA. Her
theater credits include the US premiere of Kurt Weill’s Marie
Galante and new works at the HERE Theater’s Living Room
Festival and the Brick Theater’s Hell Festival. Shakespeare
credits include A Midsummer Nights Dream (Hermia), Henry
VIII (Anne Boleyn), and As You Like It (Phoebe). Mimi's film
and television credits include As the World Turns, Guiding
Light, and a principal role in the feature film Month to
Month. She appeared in various roles in the Dark Lady
Players' 2009 production of Shakespeare's Three Marys,
Ophelia in their 2010 production of Hamlet's Apocalypse, and
appeared as Amelia in the Lanier Festival. Mimi is the lead
singer of the family friendly rockband, Fezcat. More details
JAMES EDWARD BECTON is quite honored and
pleased to have been invited to participate in
this project. There are very few things as
fulfilling as breathing life into a new piece of
art. James's experience is as diverse as it is
broad ranging from the roles of Judas in Jesus
Christ Superstar to Jesus in Godspell, from Witch
One to Ross in Macbeth, from Miss Roj in
Colored Museum to Clay in the Dutchman.
Currently, he is in workshop for a production of
Hamlet in the role of Claudius. He has studied
with Stella Adler and exercises his craft regularly
working in collaboration with The Workshop Theatre Company, The Classical Theatre of
Harlem, Take Wing and Soar, Manhattan Theatre Source, The Nylon Fusion
Collective among a few. If you are at all curious as to his "whens", "wheres" and "whats"
of his past, present and future, feel free to stop by and chat over a single malt anything.
Cheers. Links:
ALICIA GIANGRISOSTOMI is thrilled to be making her Dark Lady
Players Debut! Recent credits include Much Ado About Nothing
(Ursula), Othello (Bianca), and Caligula Maximus (Sicilia @ La
Mama Theatre). Alicia received her BFA in Acting from the
University of Florida – Go Gators! Alicia sends a big thank you
to John and Jenny for allowing her the opportunity to work on
such an exciting project. She would like to also thank Tiza for
her life-long lessons. Alicia sends love and thanks to her
passionate and encouraging parents, her stunning sister Jen
and her two favorite roomies: Jay and Justin.
[email protected]
(Chiron/Maria/Duke/Costume Design) a
San Francisco Bay Area native, studied
acting and costume design at NYU's
Tisch School of the Arts. She's trained
with the Atlantic Theater Company
Acting School, Stella Adler Studios,
under the tutelage of the brilliant Mary
Overlie whilst studying the Viewpoints,
and is now torn between pride and
bashfulness upon mentioning her six
summers at Shakespeare Camp as a
child. You can currently see Elizabeth dancing in The Love Letter You've Been Meaning
to Write New York at 3LD Art Center and dying dramatically or behaving innocent/guilty
when you eat dinner with The Murder Mystery Co. Recent design credits include Purple
Rep's new musical Ampersand: A Romeo & Juliet Story in NY Fringe, work with Abierto
Art, and event costumes for the band Amy Sheehan and The Love Howl. She's thrilled to
have found the Dark Lady Players, who manage to be erudite, bizarre, silly and classical
all simultaneously, and she'd like to thank Jenny for her generous direction and fun
rehearsals, John for the wealth of reading material and all those production meeting
coffees, Robin and Bruce for absolutely everything, and Laris alternative for aiding with
some seriously rad arts & crafts magic. Elizabeth lives in Brooklyn with Natasha, the
prettiest girl in the world, who happens to be a loud, lovely, brindle cat.
CAROLINA MESARINA holds a BFA from NYU Tisch and recently
completed her Master's degree in Contemporary Art. The Red
Rope, an independent film she was in, has recently been screened
at the Brooklyn Film Festival. She has worked on several awardwinning commercial speaks. Carolina was the lead in the premier
of the original play The Gay Barber's Apartment and has appeared
in various comedic showcases. She will be working on a piece with
the performance art group Saltimbique at Chicago's Calling Arts
Festival. Visit to learn about the art show
events she produces.
ALEXANDRA COHEN SPIEGLER has a BA in theater and
French from Pomona College. She also studied at the
Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, England and
the Ecole Internationale de théâtre Jacques Lecoq in
Paris, France. Last fall, she starred as Hamlet in the
Dark Lady Players’ Hamlet’s Apocalypse. She has also
appeared in their Shakespeare’s 3 Marys, the Amelia
plays and both the workshop and Midtown
International Theater Festival productions of As You
Like It: The Big Flush. She just returned from the
Minnesota Fringe Festival where she appeared in
Recovery. Other credits include Laramie, in Hancock, NY
with the Little Victory Players, Martirio (Planet
Connections Theater Festivity); The Family Shakespeare
and The Empress of Sex (MTWorks); Blood Bond (3 Roads Productions); Plan Nine from
Outer Space and Bitch Macbeth (DMTheatrics); Switchblade (Milk Can Theatre
Company); Cleopatra and The Writer (Afrikan Women’s Repertory Theatre); 2 (Primary
Stages); Documentary (Co-Op Theatre East); Baby Yaga and the Pumpkin Fairy (One
Time Productions); A Christmas Carol, You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown, Alice in
Wonderland and Peter Pan (Once Upon a Time, Inc). For Alex Adam and Annette
PETRA DENISON has a BA in theater from the
Boston University School of Theater and rained
at the London Academy of Music and Religious
Art (LAMDA), She has previously played the
Nurse in Romeo and Juliet, Helena in A
Midsummer Night’s Dream, and played the
role of Gertrude in the Dark Lady Players’ 2010
production of Hamlet’s Apocalypse.
SHYKIA FIELDS has an MFA from Savannah
College of Art, and graduated from Long
Island University. She has a long association
with New Perspectives Theater Ensemble,
for who she played God in John Hudson’s
adapations of the York Mystery Plays. She
has played Lennox in Macbeth, and in 2010
played Claudius in the Dark Lady Players’
production of Hamlet’s Apocalypse.