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Ferdinand Magellan
Captain of the First Voyage around the World
Ferdinand Magellan
 Ferdinand Magellan was a Portuguese explorer who
was the captain of the first expedition to successfully
circumnavigate the globe.
Date of Birth and Place
 Magellan was born in the northern part of Portugal in
1480. (It is still disputed whether he was born in the
town Porto or Sabrosa.)
 His parents were very wealthy and part of the
 His parents died when Ferdinand was only 10 years
old. Ferdinand then became a page for the queen.
Portugal was a leader in
early exploration due to
the efforts of Prince
Henry the Navigator
Early Years
 Magellan began as a mapmaker.
 In Magellan’s 20’s he began sailing with the
 He sailed to
East Africa
the East Indies or the Spice Islands
Helped take over the Port of Malacca in Malaysia
Was wounded in Morrocco and accused of trading with the
Early Years Continued…
 Like Columbus, Magellan believed you could sail west
and reach the East Indies.
 He asked the king of Portugal for money to finance
his trip, but was refused.
 So Magellan went to the Spanish King, Charles V, who
gave him 5 ships in 1519 to try and sail around the
 Magellan devised a plan to sail around the world.
 He discovered the straight of Magellan on the
southern tip of South America. A much safer passage
than trying to sail around Cape Horn
 It took him a month to sail through the strait.
 Reached the ocean Balboa had discovered and named
it the Pacific because of its calm and peaceful waters.
Did You Know?
 Magellan did not complete his voyage. He was killed
in battle on the Island of Mactan in the Phillipines.
 Juan Sebastian del Cano completed the trip.
 It took 3 years to complete the journey back to
Seville, Spain.
 The only ship to return was the Victoria (Magellan’s
 Only 18 of the original 270 crew members completed
the journey.
Magellan’s Ship
The Victoria was the
Only ship out of 5
To complete the journey.
Magellan’s Route
 Magellan was a brave and adventurous explorer.
Although he himself did not complete the journey, his
crew proved that the world was round.
 His work as an explorer was important to developing
new maps and developing a new idea of ways to get
to the East Indies.