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Name: ________________________________
Mrs. _________________________________
S.S. Block 2
Date: ___________________
Greece- Lesson 4 Notes
Quiz on ___________________
When the wars with Persia ended, _________ became powerful and bossy.
They began to boss around other city-states in Greece, which led to
________between them.
Athenians practice __________ democracy- where all citizens can
participate in the decisions making process.
__________ was an important general in Athenian government. He worked
to allow all people to have the chance to be involved in government.
Under Pericles, Athens also became a center of ___________ and the
Life in Athens
Men in Athens worked as __________, artisans, and __________.
Women in Athens worked in the __________ and worked to take care of
__________ was common in Ancient Athens. They were mostly people who
had been _________ in wars.
War Between Athens and Sparta
Even after the Persian Wars, there was still of large threat of ________
by Persians or others. Therefore, the Greek _______-_________ banded
together to form a protective/defensive group called the ___________
Even though the Delian League did their job well, after time it __________
because Athenians League members began to once again boss around other
Athens began to grow richer and more powerful and this alarmed ________.
Sparta formed a group of other Greek city-states that opposed _________
and when Athens began to bother these other city-states, they pressured
___________ to attack Athens.
War broke out between _________ and ________ in 431 B.C. and is called
the _____________________ War.
Sparta came to attack ________ but Athenians stayed within their citywalls for almost 2 years., while a fleet of Athenian navy ships brought them
supplies and food. Then, a disease broke out and wiped out ________ of the
Athenian population.
Sparta also made a ________ with the Persian Empire where they gave up
some colonies in exchange for Persian gold to be used to build a Spartan
Several years later, Sparta returned with a fleet of _______ships who
destroyed the Athenians navy and cut off Athenians supplies. Eventually, the
starving Athenians ____________ about a year later and Sparta entered
the city-walls of Athens. Thus, ending the Athenian ________.
Things in Greece just got worse and worse after this war between Sparta
and _________. Since they were too busy fighting each other and fighting
to survive, they did not notice the growing threat from the kingdom of
______________, who soon took control of Greece.