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Casting Information
St. James Community Theatre
Production Fee
A non-refundable fee of $50 per individual (max $125 per household) is required at the first
production meeting. This fee covers royalties, initial production expenses, etc.
Make checks payable to: St. James Theatre Productions (cash or checks only)
Scripts and/or music will be made available to cast members. You must provide a three-ring
binder. Fees not paid by 2 weeks after the first meeting may cause you to be cut from the cast.
Rehearsals will start on time so everyone can get home at a reasonable hour. You will receive a
rehearsal schedule at the first cast meeting. Schedule changes do occur and will be
communicated via email. Written notice of schedule conflicts must be given to the Assistant
Director as soon as possible. Excessive absences may be grounds for dismissal. All cast
members must attend all production week rehearsals and all performances.
While some costumes for the show may be rented or sewn by seamstresses, may costumes are
made or altered by cast members. Patterns, materials, and instructions will be provided. All
costumes sewn using St. James materials will remain the property of St. James Theatre. You
may be asked to supply some of your own accessories: shoes, etc; these will be returned to you.
Volunteering Commitment
All cast members must contribute volunteer hours to the production, over and above time
spent during rehearsals. This may be accomplished with their own involvement or the
involvement of a friend or family member on their behalf. There will be a volunteer signup
station at the first production meeting.
For cast members under the age of 16, these hours MUST be fulfilled by a parent chaperoning 4
rehearsals and at least two shows. Sign up dates will be available at the first production
meeting. Dates will be assigned if no dates are selected. Parents MUST attend their scheduled
time or arrange for a sub.
Other opportunities to fulfill this requirement include ticket sales, selling ads for the playbill, set
building, sewing, or family working house management.
Fun Production Activities
Beyond producing the best possible show, we are also here to have a good time. We will plan
several production activities during the run of rehearsals and performances. Some of these
special events may include pizza parties, an all-cast mass and potluck dinner and may require
some additional financial contribution. Family is always welcome at these events! St. James
Theatre bears no responsibility for non-sanctioned events.