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zy 䡠 ga 䡠 poph 䡠 y 䡠 sis , pl. zyg 䡠 a 䡠 poph 䡠
y䡠ses (zı̄′gă-pof′i-sis, -sēz) SYN articular process. [G. zygon, yoke, Ⳮ apophysis, offshoot]
zygo-, zyg- Combining forms meaning a
yoke, a joining. [G. zygon, yoke, zygōsis, a joining]
zy䡠go䡠ma (zı̄-gō′mă) 1.
SYN zygomatic bone.
2. SYN zygomatic arch. [G. a bar, bolt, the os
jugale, fr. zygon, yoke]
zy䡠go䡠mat䡠ic (zı̄′gō-mat′ik) Relating to the
zygomatic bone.
zy 䡠 go 䡠 mat 䡠 ic arch (zı̄′gō-mat′ik ahrch)
[TA] The arch formed by the temporal process
of the zygomatic bone as it joins the zygomatic
process of the temporal bones. SYN zygoma (2).
sage to the zygomaticotemporal nerve. SYN foramen zygomaticotemporale [TA].
zy 䡠 go 䡠 mat 䡠 ic pro 䡠 cess of max 䡠 il 䡠 la
(zı̄′gō-mat′ik pro′ses mak-sil′ă) [TA] The rough
projection from the maxilla that articulates with
the zygomatic bone.
zy 䡠 go 䡠 mat 䡠 i 䡠 cus ma 䡠 jor mus 䡠 cle (zı̄′
gō-mat′i-kŭs mā′jŏr mŭs′ĕl) Facial muscle of
anterior cheek extending to upper lip; origin,
zygomatic bone anterior to temporozygomatic
suture; insertion, muscles at angle of mouth; action, draws upper lip upward and laterally; nerve
supply, facial. See this page. SYN musculus zygomaticus major [TA], greater zygomatic muscle, musculus zygomaticus.
zy䡠go䡠mat䡠ic bone (zı̄′gō-mat′ik bōn) [TA]
A quadrilateral bone that forms the prominence
of the cheek; it articulates with the frontal, sphenoid, temporal, and maxillary bones. SYN os zygomaticum [TA], jugal bone, mala (2), malar
bone, zygoma (1).
(left half)
zy 䡠 go 䡠 mat 䡠 ic nerve (zı̄′gō-mat′ik nĕrv)
[TA] A branch of the maxillary nerve in the
inferior orbital fissure through which it passes;
it gives rise to two sensory branches, the zygomaticotemporal and zygomaticofacial, which
supply the skin of the temporal and zygomatic
regions, and is continued as the communicating
branch of the lacrimal nerve with the zygomatic
nerve. SYN nervus zygomaticus [TA], temporomandibular nerve.
zy 䡠 go 䡠 ma 䡠 ti 䡠 co 䡠 au 䡠 ri 䡠 cu 䡠 lar 䡠 is (zı̄′gōmat′i-kō-awr-ik′yū-lar′is)
rior muscle.
auricularis ante-
zy䡠go䡠mat䡠i䡠co䡠fa䡠cial for䡠a䡠men (zı̄′
gō-mat′i-kō-fā′shăl fōr-ā′mĕn) [TA] The opening on the lateral surface of the zygomatic bone
below the orbital margin that transmits the zygomaticofacial nerve. SYN foramen zygomaticofaciale [TA].
zy 䡠 go 䡠 mat 䡠 i 䡠 co 䡠 or 䡠 bi 䡠 tal ar 䡠 te 䡠 ry (zı̄′
orbicularis oris
thyroid cartilage
sternal head
clavicular head
zygomaticus major muscle
zy 䡠 go 䡠 mat 䡠 i 䡠 cus mi 䡠 nor mus 䡠 cle (zı̄′
gō-mat′i-kŭs mı̄′nŏr mŭs′ĕl) Facial muscle of
anterior cheek extending to upper lip; origin,
zygomatic bone posterior to zygomaticomaxillary suture; insertion, orbicularis oris of upper
lip; action, draws upper lip upward and outward; nerve supply, facial. SYN caput zygomaticum quadrati labii superioris, lesser zygomatic
muscle, musculus zygomaticus minor.
gō-mat′i-kō-ōr′bi-tăl ahr′tĕr-ē) Origin, superficial temporal, sometimes middle temporal; distribution, orbicularis oculi muscle and portions
of the orbit; anastomoses, lacrimal and palpebral branches of ophthalmic. SYN arteria zygomaticoorbitalis [TA].
zy 䡠 go 䡠 max 䡠 il 䡠 la 䡠 re (zı̄′gō-mak-si-lār-ē) A
zy䡠go䡠mat䡠i䡠co䡠or䡠bi䡠tal fo䡠ra䡠men (zı̄′
zy 䡠 go 䡠 max 䡠 il 䡠 lar 䡠 y point (zı̄′gō-mak′si-
gō-mat′i-kō-ōr′bi-tăl fōr-ā′mĕn) The common
opening on the orbital surface of the zygomatic
bone of the canals transmitting the zygomaticofacial and zygomaticotemporal nerves; sometimes each of these canals has a separate opening on the orbital su rf ac e. S Y N f or am en
zygomaticoorbitale [TA].
zy 䡠 go 䡠 mat 䡠 i 䡠 co 䡠 tem 䡠 po 䡠 ral for 䡠 a 䡠
men (zı̄′gō-mat′i-kō-tem′pŏr-ăl fōr-ā′mĕn)
[TA] The opening on the temporal surface of
the zygomatic bone of the canal that gives pas-
craniometric point located externally at the lowest extent of the zygomaticomaxillary suture.
SYN zygomaxillary point.
lar-ē poynt)
Zy䡠go䡠my䡠ce䡠tes (zı̄′gō-mı̄-sē′tēz) A class
of fungi characterized by sexual reproduction
resulting in the formation of a zygospore, and
asexual reproduction by means of nonmotile
spores called sporangiospores or conidia. [zygoⳭ G. mykēs (mykēt-), fungus]
zy䡠go䡠my䡠co䡠sis (zı̄′gō-mı̄-kō′sis) A fungal
infection associated with genera of the class
Zygomycetes, e.g., Absidia, Mortierella, Mu-