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Salamun Alaikum
I wonder at those Muslims who call hazrat Abu Talib, the beloved uncle of the holy Prophet, father of
hazrat Ali and the grandfather of Imam Hasan and Imam Husain a kafir.
I wonder if in the religion of Islam there is any room to use things like logic and commonsense.
Hazrat Abu Talib is the person who supported the holy Prophet and his mission through thick and thin. He
sacrificed his leisure and pleasure for the Messenger of Allah and his message.
Hazrat Abu Talib suffered with the holy Prophet in Shib-e-Abu Talib for three years when the kuffars of
Macca boycotted him.
Hazrat Abu Talib sacrificed his children and grandchildren for the sake of deen of Allah.
Allah (s.w.t.) is singing his praises in the holy Qur'an when He is says, "I found you an orphan and gave you
a shelter" Who was this shelter that Allah is talking about?
Are you saying that Allah entrusted His most noble Prophet in the hands of a kafir? Are you saying that
hazrat Abu Talib fed najis food through which his blood and flesh was built?
Are you saying that Allah could not find someone better to bring up and nourish His most noble Prophet that
He had to expect favours from a kafir to do this job for Him?
What sort of kafir was he who recited the nikah of the most noble Prophet of Allah?
Hazrat Abu Talib and hazrat Khadija died in one year. What sort of kafir was this after whose death the holy
Prophet named "Aamul Huzn" meaning the year of grief and sorrow because he lost his beloved uncle,
harat Abu Talib and his beloved wife, hazrat Khadijatul Kubra in the same year?
On the other hand we have Abu Sufyan who was a staunch enemy of the Messenger of Allah before
embracing Islam.
He gave very hard time to Rasoolullah. His wife Hinda chewed the liver of the holy Prophet's uncle, hazrat
Abu sufyan embraced Islam only after the victory of Macca to save his skin. His son Mu'awiya poisoned
Imam Hasan to death through his wife, Jo'da. He also waged war against hazrat Ali, the cousin and son-inlaw of the holy Prophet, a member of the ahlul bayt and the RIGHTFUL Caliph of his time.
Mu'awiya's son Yazid (may Allah increase his punishment eternally) killed the younger grandson of the Holy
Prophet, Imam Husain (a.s.) and wiped out almost the entire household of the holy Prophet.
Look at the justice of the Muslims today. Abu Sufyan and his son Mu'awiya are considered as the sahabas
of Rasoolullah and thus "Radiallahu anhum". The Muslims are not allowed to discuss the evil part of their
On the other hand there is hazrat Abu Talib, the uncle of the holy Prophet, the father of Ali and the
grandfather of Imam Hasan and Imam Husain (peace and blessings of Allah be upon them). Think of the
contributions of hazrat Abu Talib himself and of his children and the grandchildren in the history of Islam.
If hazrat Abu Talib was a kafir, how could a child of a kafir be born inside the Kaba, the House of Allah built
with the blessed hands of the two very important Prophets of Allah?
If this is how the Muslims treat hazrat Abu Talib, the uncle of the holy Prophet, is it any surprising to see his
son Ali being denied the right to khilafat after the death of the holy Prophet? Is it surprising to see Imam Ali
being killed on a Friday in the state of namaz, in sajda, in the house of Allah, in the holy month of
Is it surprising to see the son of Abu Sufyan waging war against hazrat Ali?
Is it surprising to see Imam Hasan poisoned to death by Mu'awiya and arrows thrown at his coffin?
Is it surprising to see Imam Husain and his family members and friends killed hungry and thirsty in
the desert of Kerbala.?
Look at what Abu Sufyan and his descendants did to the holy Prophet and his ahlul bayt and the status the
Muslims give them.
Look at the contributions of hazrat Abu Talib and his descendants and what the ale Abu Sufyan did to them.
If this the attitude of the Muslims towards hazrat Abu Talib and his descendants today, then is it surprising
to see the followers of the Imams from the descendants of hazrat Abu Talib being branded kafirs and
May Allah grant us all knowledge, wisdom, understanding and tawfiq to learn the true message of Islam as
taught by the holy Prophet and his immaculate progeny (peace and blessings of Allah be upon them all).
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