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Social Issues in the UK
Health and Wealth
Social Inequalities: Gender
Starter Task
Gender Inequality
What do you think this phrase means?
Write a definition- can you illustrate
with examples?
Today we will
I can…
A generation ago,
women who worked
usually worked in the
lowest paid jobs,
doing an unskilled
They were
subjected to sexist
comments on a
regular basis and/
or unequal pay.
Women face social and
economic inequality
because of the current
state of the economy
but they also face the
added dimensions of
stereotyping and
On your graffiti board, as a
group write down your ideas
based on the information
above. So, for example, why
are women treated differently
because of their biology?
Women Today
Today women make
up the majority of
professional workers
in many countries
and sexism at work
is both illegal and
Women’s position in society
has changed greatly in the
last 30 years. Women are
less likely to marry or
marry later, less likely to
have children and more
likely get divorced / be a
lone parent.
Why the Change?
•Government action has played its part. The UK has
passed some important acts of parliament that have
contributed to making society more equal for men and
•The changes in the economy have made a difference too.
The world of work these days is about brain power
rather than muscle power.
•More women are pursuing a career than in the past.
•The institution of marriage is not as highly regarded.
Many more couples cohabit. Fewer women choose to
marry. Less couple are choosing to have children.
Most importantly, girls/women are outperforming boys/men at
every educational level from secondary qualifications (SG/Higher)
to graduate/postgraduate degrees.
Success Stories
Many companies now
offer career breaks.
This means that women
can take time off work
to raise young children
and not jeopardise their
promotion the way they
did in the past.
As women become better off, more independent and
confident, many more are starting their own
businesses. Michelle Mone OBE is perhaps the best
known example of a successful Scottish
businesswoman. Michelle Mone is the managing director
of MJM International Ltd, a multi-million pound
Hilary Devey
"Never one to give up I have
successfully overcome every hurdle
obstructing my way and am living
proof that if you set your mind to
do something anyone can achieve
amazing results."
An outstanding role model for female
entrepreneurs she has driven her
company to a market leading position
and now leads an operation which
boasts a multi-million pound turnover.
Knowledge Questions
• To ensure you answer these questions
effectively, here are some tips…
• Read the questions carefully.
• Pay attention to words which appear in
• Pay attention to the marks as they will
indicate how lengthy your answer needs
to be.
• Follow the key structure.
Describe, in detail, why women are
closing the gap with men in getting the
best jobs. Explain in detail why this is
happening. (6)
Women at the Top
• Although women are ‘closing the gap’
with men, inequalities still exist. Watch
this clip and take notes on the
important points.
Evidence of Gender Inequality
Group Task
•Each group will be given an evidence
•On your whiteboard, you must write
down what conclusions can be reached
about each of the sources.
Women who work part time earn 32% less per hour than women
who work full time. Part-time work is concentrated in lower paid
jobs. These jobs are called the 5Cs. Can you work out what these
professions are?
Copy the diagram below
The 5Cs
Sex and Power Report
Examples of some groups that face inequality
Ethnic minority groups Elderly people Unemployed people
Lone parent families Disabled groups Women
Choose one group from above or another group you have studied.
Describe, in detail, at least two ways in which the Government provides help
for the
group you have chosen.
Thinking Task: What I am going
to learn? Lower order thinking
1. Which groups in society
face social and economic
2. Why do each of these
groups face inequalities?
3. Has the position of these
groups changed at all in
recent years?
Discuss the answers with your partner.
Higher order thinking