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California Proposition 187 (1994)
› To prohibit illegal immigrants from using
social services, healthcare, and public
education in California
 Initially passed by voters, and later overturned
by the federal court
California AB 335 (Signed 10/14/2007)
› This law prohibits an alien who does not
verify his or her “eligible alien status” from
receiving temporary homeless relief shelter.
Main Issue: economic and fiscal impact
due to immigration
 California Regional Economies Project
› 1 in 4 California residents are foreign born
› 7% of those are undocumented
› Immigration provides net economic benefits
and negative fiscal impact
› Many immigrants hope for a better
education for their children, but it becomes
a larger burden to tax payers
In 2004, voters passed Proposition 200
› Requires that in order to vote, residents must
present proof of U.S. citizenship
› Applicants for certain public benefits must be
verified as being lawfully present in the U.S.
› Requires state and local agencies to report to U.S.
immigration authorities benefits applicants who fail
to prove they are lawfully present
In 2006, voters passed Proposition 300
› Makes anyone without lawful immigration status
ineligible to be classified as an in-state student for
purposes of tuition, grants, scholarship assistance,
and financial aid
› Restricts access to family literacy programs, adult
education courses, and child care subsidies for
undocumented immigrants
Voters passed three additional anti-immigrant
propositions and one “English only” proposition on
Nov.7, 2006
› Proposition 100
 Denies bail for any person charges with a serious
felony offense is the person charged entered or
remained in the U.S. illegally
› Proposition 102
 Prohibits a person who wins a civil lawsuit from
receiving punitive damages if the person is present
in the state in violation of immigration law
› Proposition 103
 Require that “to the greatest extent possible,”
official actions, services, programs, publications,
documents, and materials be provided in English
Texas has the highest number of criminal immigration cases than any of the
other border districts.
› Approximately 240,000 illegal sex offenders
› Cost of illegal immigration to Texas taxpayers
 Health Care - $573 million
 Education – $3.746 billion
 Criminal Justice - $190 million
 Total cost burden - $4.5 billion
› House Bill 47 (2008)
 Requiring voter identification at the voting booth so that non citizens
cannot vote
› House Bill 48
 Creates penalties for employing illegal immigrants
› House Bill 49
 Allows law enforcement to arrest illegal immigrants
› House Bill 50
 Stipulates that illegal aliens are not eligible for in-state tuition at
state universities
Two referendums approved by voters on Nov.7, 2006
› Referendum H
 Provides for punishing Colorado employers who
hire unauthorized workers by prohibiting them from
deducting wages paid to unauthorized workers as
a business expense
 Religious groups, immigrant advocacy groups, and
others opposed the measure
› Referendum K
 Requires the state of Colorado to sue the federal
government to demand enforcement of existing
federal immigration laws
 Courts ruled that they have no legal authority to
settle what is essentially a political question
regarding how much federal funding should go to
the states to pay for federal mandates