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The nineteenth century saw an
unprecedented surge in
 How do you think the journey of immigrants in
the nineteenth century differed from the
journey of the first people who came to settle
 How were the expectations of these immigrants
different from those of settlers?
Immigrants had
to travel many
miles to get to
the United
 What kinds of uncertainties do you think
immigrants had to face in traveling to the
United States?
 Immigrants who had to travel overseas risked
sickness and death traveling on ships. They didn’t
know what kind of weather they would have to
endure, either. Those who didn’t have to travel
overseas still couldn’t be sure that they would be
accepted into the United States, nor could they be
sure they would find work.
 Why do you think European immigrants came
to the East Coast of the U.S.?
 The largest port on the eastern seaboard of the
U.S. was New York City. Some immigrants could
travel outside of New York City via roads and
rivers to farming areas in upstate New York.
 What effect do you think the Chinese Exclusion
Act was meant to have on Chinese
 It was designed and passed to halt Chinese
Step Into the Time
 The French dedicated the Statue of Liberty to the
United States in 1886.
 The statue represented the concepts of liberty and
 These symbols may have had an influence on the
decisions of potential immigrants to move to the
United States to seek better lives.