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Chapter 3
Consumer Choices
3.1 Consumer Ethics
• Ethics= guidelines for human behavior
based on principles about what is right or
• Examples: Trustworthily, respect, fair,
concern for others
Consumer Courtesy
Treating other with respect and courtesy
The grocery store
Public Transportation
The salon
Clothing store
Dishonest Practices
• Shoplifting= the theft of merchandise from stores
• Average family pays hundred of dollars a year in
the form oh higher prices charged by businesses
to make up for losses
• Examples
Snacking in grocery store
Returning used goods
Price switching
Fare beating
Using copyrighted material without permission
Ethical Issues for Consumers
• You don’t like certain businesses business
• How would you handle the situation?
• How can you bring about change?
3.2 Responsible Citizenship
• Meaning of Citizenship- you can be born
into a country or naturalization { process
by which a foreign person becomes a
• Citizenship= the way you respond to
being a member of the community
Performing Civic Duties
Respect the law
Pay taxes
Stay informed
Jury duty
Serve in military if called
Taking Responsibility
Observe community regulations
Cooperate during a crisis
Respect public service employees
Report maintained problems
Take responsibly for pets
Vandalism – deliberate destruction of
Serving others
• Volunteer= a person who offers services to
a worthwhile case for no pay
Leadership= ability to inform and assist
3.3 Environmental Awareness
• Environmental concerns
• Ecology= a science that deals with the
relationship between living things and the
environment. {Study what happens when
natural resources are misused and natural
cycles are disturbed}
Natural Resources fall into 2 categories
1. Renewable – plants, air, water, soil, can
replace themselves over time
2. Nonrenewable- cannot replace themselves,
used up!
Fossil fuels – energy sources formed in the
earth- coal, oil and natural gas
Water pollution
Air pollution
Waste disposal
Government’s Role
• Conservation – the careful management
and protection of natural resources
• Restrictions and penalties
• Incentives
• Funding
• EPA ( Environmental Protection Agency)
What can you do?
• Conserve Energy
Less air conditioning
Use less hot water
Use lights wisely
• Conserve Water
• Cut down on waster
• Be cautious with chemicals