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Then there is the Underworld. This is the world of
the dead.
The underworld was a place inside the earth that
was made up of three places; Tartarus, The
Asphodel Fields, and The Elysian Fields.
Normal commoners went to the Asphodel
Fields. This was a gray, shadowy, misty, and
ghostly place. Here their souls wandered
around like shadows.
Tartarus is where the worst humans and
gods went. They suffered horrendous
punishments such as eternal hunger and
thirst, being tied to a wheel of fire, being
hit with thunderbolts, climbing a
mountain endlessly, and shameful
donkey’s ears. These people had to suffer
for eternity.
Heroic, kind, and noble people went to the
Elysian Fields. Here they rested and enjoyed
lives of luxury and bliss. You could be sent to
Earth to live another life after you died. If you
went to the Elysian Field three times you
could go to the Isles of the Blessed and never
In the beginning there was no earth, sky or sea. There was only
confusion and darkness, called Chaos. Chaos gave birth to Mother Earth.
She eventually gave birth to a son, Uranus, also known as Father Heaven.
Mother Earth and Father Heaven had many children.
• First, they had three monstrous sons. Each had fifty heads and one
hundred hands.
•Then, they had three more sons. They were just as big and just as ugly.
They were called Cyclops. They had one eye in the middle of their
foreheads. They were as strong as Earthquakes and Tornadoes
•Finally, they had the first gods, six sons and six daughters called the
Cronus, a Titan, overthrew his father. He married his
sister, Rhea, and they had six children.
Unfortunately, Cronus was afraid he would be
overthrown, so he swallowed each of his first five children
after they were born. Rhea decided to hid her sixth child
from him, giving Cronus a rock to swallow instead.
Eventually, this six child grew up to rescue his siblings
(who were now full grown in their father’s belly)
overthrow his father and his aunts and uncles (the
Titans), and become the king of the gods.
• Lord of the Sky & Thunder
• Father of all the Gods
• Symbols: Thunderbolt, Eagle,
Bull, and Oak
• Upholder of the law, justice,
morals, and civilized conduct
• Married to Hera – but has
MANY affairs.
• {zoos}
Wife of Zeus
Goddess of women & marriage
Symbols: Peacock & Cow
Known for her jealousy and
vengeful nature
• Lord of the Underworld &
• Symbols: Cerberus, Cap of
Invisibility, Cypress
• Spent nearly ALL his time in the
• Married to his neice, Persephone
(whom he kidnapped)
• Owns all the precious metal on
• Brother to Zeus and Poseidon
• {hay'-deez}
• Persephone (Proserpine)
Daughter of Demeter
Goddess of Spring
Queen of the Underworld
Spends half her time on Earth
and half in the Underworld.
• Goddess of the Hearth, the symbol
of home and domestic life
• A virgin goddess, wooed by
Poseidon and Apollo but swore by
Zeus to remain a virgin
• Every hearth on Earth was her altar
• New colonies took fire from the
hearth of the mother-city
• Symbol: The hearth
• Goddess of Wisdom,
Strategy, Civilization, crafts,
justice, and war
• Owl, Olive tree, Snake,
• Sprung forth from Zeus’s
head fully grown
• Zeus’s favorite child
• Often counselor to heroes
• Patron Goddess of Athens
• {a-thee'na}
• God of music, poetry, plague, oracles, medicine, light
and knowledge, truth (can never tell a lie), and
• Master musician, he directed the choir of Muses.
• The Archer-god, the Healer.
• Twin brother of Artemis
• Symbols: Lyre, Laurel Wreath,
• Python, Raven
• {a-pol'-lo}
• {af-roh-dy'-tee}
• {dy-uh-ny'-suhs}
Hephaestus (Vulcan)
Cronus +
Metis -- Athena
Themis -- Hours, Order, Justice, Peace, Fates
Demeter -- Persephone
Mnemosyne -- The Nine Muses
Leto -- Artemis & Apollo
Dione -- Aphrodite
Semele -- Dionysus
Maia -- Hermes
Hera -- Hebe, Ares, Hephaestus
Other notable offspring of Zeus
Kastor and Polydeukes
Helen of Troy