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WellnessWellness is an
Health- Health is a
overall state of
combination of physical, well-being, or
mental/emotional, and
total health
social well-being.
What is Health?
You need to be healthy. So you can play sports and be in
physical shape and watch what you eat. You need to eat
healthy food and depends on what you do every day.
The Foundations for Health
You also need good mental/emotional health. That means
you need feel good about yourself and don’t get into fights,
but you need to get along with eat other.
Main Idea Cont.
What is Wellness?
You need to have a good health triangle. You can be
physically tired that means you don’t have a good health
Decision Making for Wellness
You make your choices of wellness. That means you pick your
food you eat. That means do you pick junk food for a snack
or do you eat healthy foods for snack.
Main Idea Cont.
The Wellness Continuum
You need to have a high wellness continuum that you have
good wellness continuum that is good but if you have a low
wellness continuum that’s bad. You need to control your
wellness continuum that means whatch what you eat watch
what you do.
Health- The condition of being well or
free of disease
Wellness- The quality or state of being
It relates to standard 4 because we
demonstrated the ability to use inter
ceptinol communication skills to
enhance health and avoid or reduce
health risks.