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Steps to Transform Your
Employee Wellness Program
More than 70% of organizations participate in some form of a workplace wellness program. But, here’s the thing.
To achieve optimum return on investment, your program must take the leap from merely an HR function to a
full-scale corporate initiative. These 8 steps help you get started.
Establish a written, long-term
wellness strategy — Align it to the
overall priorities of your business
and include a robust evaluation
process to identify program success
or failure.
Secure support of senior and mid-level
managers — Ensure management and
executive-level endorsement, support, and
active participation in the wellness program.
Tie accountability to both individual and
business unit performance.
Ensure your benefit design aligns with
the goals of the wellness program —
supporting consumerism, such as health
& benefit advocacy, and decision support
and transparency tools.
Create organization-wide
health behavior policies — Give
employees the opportunity to
make healthy decisions at work to
support organizational initiatives.
Take ownership of the program —
Consider hiring a full-time employee
to serve as the company wellness
director with sole responsibility of
managing the program.
Brand and name the program
— Make it known and easy to
recognize. Communicate it
Incent. Incent. Incent. —
Incent with both monetary
and non-monetary rewards
to drive participation.
Identify employees to serve as
wellness champions — Start a
group of employees at all levels
throughout the company who
actively participate and promote
the program.
Wellness is a huge benefit, but it’s not “benefits.” Take the time to integrate your program into your
organizational DNA and make wellness a way of life for your employees.
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