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Dear < insert boss’ name >,
As you are aware, health and wellness is crucial to the success of <your organization’s
name here> competitiveness and profitability. Getting our employees, and their families, to
adopt healthier lifestyles and engage in healthy behavior is critical to lowering our medical
costs, and improving productivity.
While researching best practices in corporate wellness and creating a corporate culture
of health, I discovered the Corporate Health and Wellness Association, the nonprofit trade
association for employers engaged in corporate wellness has created the Certified Corporate
Wellness Specialist® designation.
The CCWS designation is a comprehensive course that discusses the crucial aspects of
corporate wellness today, including:
Steps to Implementing a Corporate Wellness Program
Using Your Data to Measure & Evaluate the Success of Your Wellness Program
Best Practices & Case Studies
Boosting Employee Wellness through Social Media
Employee Engagement through Communication & Action
Unique Benefit Plan Design
Setting Up a Wellness Program that Fits Your Demographics
Employee Results from an Incentivized & Outcomes Base Integrated Systems
Legalities of Implementing Wellness
Healthcare Reform and Corporate Wellness
The CCWS course is taken online with 13 modules of education, a 100 question exam,
and a comprehensive textbook. By taking this course, I could save the company money in
healthcare costs, while improving the health, productivity, and moral of our employees.
Thank you for considering this request,
<Your name here>