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Do Now
• Think about your day yesterday, from
the time you woke up to the time you
went to sleep….
• What examples of government did you
observe during your daily tasks??
Participation in
What is Politics?
• Politics is a method or way to resolve social conflict
– “who gets what, when, and how”
• Social Conflict is the idea that people in a society disagree
over beliefs, values, and what societies priorities should be
Ex: abortion, defense spending, health care, higher education, scarce
resources (oil, land, water)
What is Government?
• Government is the framework in which
people determine and enforce methods of
conflict resolution
Why is political participation in politics and
government important???
• Politics and government affects people’s own
• Most people will enter the world of politics and
government at some point in their lives
Why is political participation in politics and
government important???
Political Participation: the ways in which individuals
participate in the political process
• Political participation occurs whenever someone says
or does something to affect politics or government
Ex: voting, serving on juries, helping with political campaigns, running for office, writing letters to the
What about those who don’t participate?
Politics does and will affect you!!