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• Can emphasize the best features of a room
• Effects the way a room can be used. Inadequate light
causes eye strain, affect comfort levels, and result in
• ____________________is very efficient, blends well
with sunlight, and makes most colors look good, less
flattering to skin tones
• ______________ is efficient but NOT flattering to
many colors, flattering to skin tones
Purposes of lighting
• ______________lighting: also known as background
or ambient lighting.
Provides just enough light so everything in the room
can be seen.
Softens the shadows and harsh contrasts caused by
other lighting sources.
______________in any room
Chandelier in dining room
Ceiling fan with light
Types, continued
• ________________: light that shines on specific areas
• _________________: reflected off ceilings and walls. More
diffused and softer
• _________lighting: focuses light on an area where it is
needed most.
To provide the best task light, shades should shaped so that light
is directed downward
EX: Desk lamp illuminates a desk top.
Light above a range or kitchen island
Light on sewing machine
Types, continued
• _____________lighting: aimed directly on a specific
object to create a dramatic effect.
For the most dramatic effect, the accent lighting should
be at least 3 times brighter than general lighting.
EX: Light___________________________
Lights in a china cabinet
Incandescent Florescent
Incandescent Bulbs
• Light produced by electricity passing through a
tungsten filament in a glass bulb.
• This light tends to be__________
• ____________________.
• Bulbs are available in variety of shapes and
can be clear or frosted
• Frosted bulbs reduce glare and give a soft light
Incandescent bulbs (con’t)
• Small clear bulbs, used in chandeliers, give a
sparkling effect.
• Available in 15 to 300 watts
• Used in____________________________
• __________________________________
Halogen Bulbs
• Special type of incandescent bulb
• Filled with pressurized halogen gas, which
makes it____________________________
• Usually smaller than a regular bulb, produces
• More expensive but last longer
• Can become very hot (1000F), can cause burns
Fluorescent Bulbs
• Light that is produced when chemicals inside a
sealed glass transform ultra-violet rays
• Produce various color casts
• Usually are long straight tubes, but can also be
circular and U-shaped
• Can produce up to____________________
• ___________________________________
Fluorescent (cont’d)
• Look for the new compact fluorescent bulbs
• These______________________________
• Cost more but last longer
• Cannot be used with dimmer switches or
electronic timers
Light Emitting Diodes LED
• This diode is a _______________about the size of a
grain of salt and made of crystals.
• An LED bulb _____________________
• _________________________________
• (10x longer than CFL, 133x longer than a regular
• Considered to be the next major evolution in lighting.
• Just starting in residential use
Fiber Optics
• Fiber optic lights are being used primarily in
museums and for displays because they
______________and no ultraviolet light
• Light flows through the __________ and is
focused at the end
Structural Lighting
• This is_____________________________
• Fixtures and wiring are hidden from view.
EX: wall washers soffit lighting
strip lighting down-lights
valence lighting
cove lighting
cornice lighting
luminous ceiling panels
• __________________: recessed ceiling
lights that spread light over a wall from
ceiling to floor.
• ________________: light source
(usually a fluorescent tube) mounted
over a window and hidden by a window
valence. Shines light both upward and
• ______________: consist of a row of
incandescent bulbs around top or sides
of mirror in baths
• ___________________: plastic panels
covering fluorescent tubes. May cover
all or part of ceiling, provides general
More structural
• _________________: mounted near
the junction of wall and ceiling and
directs light downward. Used to
highlight wall hangings
• ___________________: concealed
light source that directs light upward
toward the ceiling. Gives appearance
of added height
• ____________________: direct a
beam of light from ceiling downward.
Can be accent or general lighting.
Flush with ceiling
More structural
• ______________: light enclosed in box-like
structure that directs light downward. Usually
a plastic panel diffuses the light, often used
over kitchen and bathroom sinks
Non-structural Lighting
• Consists of _________________________
• or replaced….various ceiling and wall fixtures
as well as portable lamps.
• Consider track lighting, wall sconce,
chandeliers, hanging pendants, lamps of all
types and sizes.
• Can use all types of bulbs.
Lighting for Safety
• Prevents accidents that occur in dim light or darkness
• Make sure all fixtures have ______________that
shows that fixture meets safety guidelines.
• Make sure ALL wiring meets local and state electrical
safety codes
• ___________________________________Can
overload circuit and blow fuses or start fires in worst
Safety Issue in Lighting
Are there ________________________
Light at entrance of home
Light switch at top & bottom of stairs
Are there controls for garage/carport lighting
from inside the house
• Can you control outside lighting from inside
the house