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Scientific World Journal
Volume 2014, 2014, Article number 745894
Cost-benefit analysis and emission reduction of energy
efficient lighting at the universiti tenaga nasional (Article)
Ganandran, G.S.B.a
Mahlia, T.M.I.ab ,
Ong, H.C.c ,
Rismanchi, B.c ,
Chong, W.T.c
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Universiti Tenaga National, Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Syiah Kuala University, Banda Aceh, Indonesia
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur,
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This paper reports the result of an investigation on the potential energy saving of the lighting systems at selected buildings of the Universiti Tenaga
Nasional. The scope of this project includes evaluation of the lighting system in the Library, Admin Building, College of Engineering, College of
Information Technology, Apartments, and COE Food court of the university. The main objectives of this project are to design the proper retrofit
scenario and to calculate the potential electricity saving, the payback period, and the potential environmental benefits. In this survey the policy for
retrofitting the old lighting system with the new energy saving LEDs starts with 10% for the first year and continues constantly for 10 years until all the
lighting systems have been replaced. The result of the life cycle analysis reveals that after four years, the selected buildings will bring profit for the
investment. © 2014 G. S. B. Ganandran et al.
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fluorescent lighting; illumination; investment; light emitting diode; profit; devices; economics; energy conservation; illumination; Malaysia; procedures;
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