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Important Engineering EPC Company in Oil&Gas field is looking for a:
Under the Department Leader, The main roles will be:
You will have been involved in the planning, design, management, supervision &
execution of the projects.
This experience will ideally include load growth studies and forecasts, strategic
planning responsibilities and budget proposals for the company management
Electrical quantities Estimation.
Accomplishment of necessary electrical calculations for the complete definition of
Elaboration of data sheets for the requisition and future purchase of generation
equipment as well as electrical distribution, lighting system and earthing.
Design of the electrical wiring mains and lighting system, trays, earthing,
determination of selectivity in electrical protections. Definition of elements and
electrical equipment. Verification of vender’s drawings.
Coordination of the different design and calculation technicians assigned to the
Instrumentation and control equipment power supply. Electrical interconnections.
We require an Electrical Engineer (HND), Graduate of Technical High School of Engineering
with at least 10 years of experience in design, construction, operation and maintenance of
high voltage and low voltage power distribution system. Experience of electrical power
installation for site development, commercial and residential buildings or similar facilities.
Enforcing obedience to Safety and Environment regulations, reviewing safety and
environment manuals. Ensuring operational readiness off all emergency equipment in the
English fluent.
Please, send the CV to: [email protected], asking for Iván Figueiras
with the reference 211520.