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GCSE Hinduism
Definition: Liberation from the cycle of birth and death (samsara)
Key Points
Moksha is a concept that Hindus believe in. It is the leaving of the worldly realm and entering
into God’s realm. It is only achieved when you have got enough good karma to free your
atman(soul) from the bonds of this world. The release of the soul from the body leads to 2
options 1) re-entrance into another body (re-incarnation) or 2)entry to heaven (moksha)
Beliefs about Moksha: - 8 marks
It is 1 of the 4 aims of a Hindu’s life (dharma, artha, kama, MOKSHA.)
It is the attainment of the ultimate goal in Hinduism
It is liberation from samsara (cycle of birth & death)
It may comprise merging with Brahman
It may comprise entering into eternal co-union with God.(i.e. living with God
It may be attained in different ways
Is moksha important? – 6marks
Yes because,
it is one of the main aims of the Hindu life
it is liberation from samsara
it provides life with purpose and meaning – something to live for.
No because,
there is no proof that anything exists outside samsara- what’s really out there?
if it means identity with Brahman then one’s identity is lost
o i.e. if you merge with God, you are no longer “you”
living forever inside samsara is a more attractive prospect
Explain why it’s important for Hindus – 8marks
Its attainment is one of the aims of the Hindu life.
It is release/liberation from samsara.
It is union/co-union with Brahman.
It represents the fulfilment of all one’s karmic and spiritual efforts.
It provides existence within samsara with purpose and meaning.
It is a goal/destiny which is revealed in the sacred texts.