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Informal Procedures to Change the
1. Basic Legislation
• Laws that refine or
define words in the
• Examples:
• Article III, Section 1,
Constitution provides
for one Supreme Court
and others courts set up
by Congress
• Who becomes
president if Pres. And
V.P Die?
• Congress Decides
2. Executive Action
• When the president
acts without
• Examples
• When a president
makes war without
Congress OK.
• Executive
agreement –
between Pres. And
foreign leader
Gulf War 1991
3. Court Decisions
• Using court cases to
interpret the
• Examples
• Marbury V. Madison,
• The Supreme Court
has the power to
declare a law
4. Party Practices
• Using the practices
of political parties to
change the
• Examples:
• Nominating
candidates at
national conventions
• Democratic/Republi
can Nominees
5. Custom
• Upholding long-held
customs as
• Examples:
• The Presidents
Cabinet (15 People)
• V.P. to become Prez
when prez dies.
An informal amendment can be established by
• A. Actions taken by the President
• B. Custom
• C. Key decisions made by the Supreme
• D. All of the Above