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Maeandros Workshops
Our workshops can take several forms and directions, and work with any ability level and age
1. For musicians of moderate to advanced ability:
- Go over 2-3 traditional pieces, in which written music will be provided, along
with instruction involving makam (musical modes), rhythmic structure and
variations, and historical context of the musical pieces.
2. For musicians of basic ability and/or younger children:
- Teach rhythms and simple songs for sing along. Can provide transliterated
and translated lyrics. Will describe historical and geographical context, and
how music relates to what the kids hear today.
- Can also allow children to "build" a song using learned elements, including
rhythms and basic scales, while allowing them to write the lyrics. This is
especially fun and gets the children really involved in the process.
3. For music teachers:
- A seminar broadly covering the music of the Aegean Sea region, including
Ottoman and Greek elements while juxtaposing Arabic and Western music.
- More in-depth discussion and examples of rhythm and makam (modal)
variations and theory.
4. As an assembly style presentation:
- Ensemble will perform a 45 minute concert for a class or group of classes
with explanations of the songs and their history/geography, and class
participation with the rhythms and singing. Transliterations and translations
of the lyrics can be provided upon request.