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Демонстрационный вариант
Английский язык
11 класс, 1 полугодие
Темы для аттестации: Sounds of Music; Town and Its Architecture.
Прочитайте текст и заполните пропускиА— G частями предложений,
обозначенными цифрами 1 — 7. Одна из частей в списке 1 — 7 — лишняя.
Занесите цифру, обозначающую соответствующую часть предложения, в
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in Salzburg, Austria in 1756. His father was
a great violinist and composer. Wolfgang showed an interest in music from a very
early age. Leonard encouraged him to learn the harpsichord
and from the first day, A_______ . His sister Maria Anna was also a fine musician.
In 1765 Leopold took his two children on a performance tour of Munich and
Vienna. Mozart soon became well-known in all Austria.
Everywhere, В_______ . He could play the piano and violin as well as the
harpsichord. At the age of 11 he was writing keyboard pieces, oratories,
symphonies and operas. His first major work was performed in Milan in 1770,
when he was still only 14. He was a great hero for young people, who whistled the
tunes from The Marriage of Figaro, С_______ .
The Archbishop of Salzburg heard about the young Mozart and invited him to be
his orchestra Konzertmeister when he was still only fifteen. The world was at
Mozart's feet. He was writing a huge amount of music and D_______ .
He worked in Salzburg for nearly ten years but he didn't like the archbishop. The
composer was restless and needed a change.
In 1781 he left his post and moved to Vienna. He loved Vienna and
E_______.Other composers asked him to teach them. His first opera, The
Abduction from the Seraglio, was a hit. His fame spread. In 1782 he met Constance
Weber and asked her to marry him. Life wasn't easy after their marriage. Mozart
was a poor businessman, and he never had enough money. For the next ten years,
his music was not always popular, and he became poorer and poorer. In 1788 he
stopped performing in public but continued to compose. A nobleman asked him to
compose a requiem. His financial problems were over but he was already a very
sick man and he died F_______ .
When he died in 1791 at the age of thirty-five, he was buried in a pauper's grave.
1. was in great demand as a performer and a composer
2. before he could finish the piece
3. each piece of music was superb
4. the boy showed incredible talent
5. earning enough money to live well
6. people were astonished by his musical talent
7. when they walked down the streets
Прочитайте приведённый ниже текст Образуйте от слов, напечатанных
заглавными буквами в конце строк, обозначенных номерами В07 — В13,
однокоренные слова так, чтобы они грамматически и лексически
соответствовали содержанию текста. Заполните пропуски полученными
словами. Каждыйпропуск соответствует отдельному заданию из группы
В07 — В13.
In November 1970 an______Swedish group
called 'Festfolket' played their first concert in
front of five embarrassed couples in a restaurant
in Gothenburg in Sweden. Their 'live' performance
was not a great success, and by the
end of the week only three people turned up to
hear them.______ , just a few years later they
would be most successful pop group in the
world. In 1977 when they played at London's
Royal Albert Hall, the box office received three
and a half million requests! Why were ABBA
so popular? First there were the songs _______,
which in the early years were catchy
tunes with simple pop lyrics. Also, because
ABBA were Swedish, their English _______
was very clear and easy to understand and this
definitely helped their worldwide appeal. After
the break-up Berry and Bjorn carried on writing
music together, including the musical
Chess.The women both had ________successful
solo careers.
All the members of the group ______ . Although the four members of group have been
offered huge amount of money to make a
comeback, they have always refused.
Recently British TV has shot a______ about
all members of the group.
Sharing music with friends
Brenda is a nineteen-year old full-time college student, and she earns
money working part time as a waitress. Brenda loves to listen to music like
most young people, but she can’t A14_____ the high CD prices that record
companiesA15_____ for popular CDs. Brenda says that the prices of CDs
are ridiculously high at $17 to $20 each and there are only two or three
good songs on each CD.
She A16_____ an apartment with three other roommates. She pays her
ownA17_____ and she also pays most of her A18_____. Her solution to
expensive CDs is to download or copy music from the Internet. Brenda and
millions of other people are called «downloaders» because they download free
file-sharing software and music. When Brenda later gives, shares, or trades
her music files free over the Internet, she is also an uploader. She considers
herself an active music uploader, but the music industry considers her a
A19_____. From 2001 on, the Recording Industry Association of America
has sued and fined dozens of file-sharing services, for uploading music files,
and hundreds of people, for A20_____ the law by downloading music.
A14. 1) provide
2) supply
3) afford
4) allow
A15. 1) offer
2) charge
3) suggest
4) propose
A16. 1) leases
2) lends
3) hires
4) rents
A17. 1) lessons
2) classes
3) tuition
4) education
A18. 1) costs
2) fees
3) expenses
4) payments
A19. 1) thief
2) cheater
3) burglar
4) bandit
A20. 1) undermining
2) disobeying
3) breaking
4) ruining
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