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Mozart’s career began with his father taking him on extended tours of
Europe when he was still very young, playing for the nobility, and even
archbishops and kings.
By the time Mozart was older, he was working for noble courts and
trying to find his place in music. Due to his extraordinary talent, the low
pay, and “servant-like” position, Mozart often felt unsatisfied with his roles
and he always felt like he was being tied down by the Archbishops he was
working for.
How did Mozart feel about being a musical “servant” for the nobility?
He had a difficult time “learning his place” and did not like being treated
like a servant of the nobility. He wanted to be treated like the brilliant
musician he was, and be appreciated by those he was working for. After a
series of “disagreements” between himself and the Archbishop of Salzburg,
Mozart eventually resigned from his post and became a “freelance”
composer and musician in Vienna. While this work was not steady in the
beginning, he did create attention for himself and eventually became a
composer in the court of Joseph II of Austria.
Mozart had an instant fan base in Vienna, and played public and
private concerts during his time there. However, Mozart did not want
“pupils”, because he felt that his talent overshadowed any need to have give
lessons to others, and that it was beneath him. In beginning, he refused to
take on any. However, he would soon discover that composition did not pay
as consistently as teaching would.
He would go on to compose over 600 pieces of music, including some
of the most popular operas ever written to date, making him one of the most
well known composers of Classical music. He leaves a legacy as being one
of the most talented composers of all time.