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Ethics and Values: Values-Based
Leadership for Effective Governance
Dennis Wittmer, University of Denver
Introduction and
and Overview
Dennis Wittmer
• Professor and Chair, Department of
Management, Daniels College of
• Ph.D. in Public Administration, Syracuse
• Specialties: Business Ethics,
Organizational Ethics, Public Policy and
• Personal
• [email protected]
(for course materials)
Goal/ Purpose
• This course is intended to help students:
• Understand the nature of ethics and
ethical decisionmaking.
• Appreciate the importance of valuesbased or ethical leadership.
• Develop their own concept and strategies
for becoming a values-based leader.
Values-Based Leadership
• Explore and develop your concept and strategies
for becoming a values-based leader (VBL).
 What does VBL leadership mean to you?
 What will you do to become a values-based
 If not, why not and what alternative model
of leadership values will you practice?
Concepts and Definitions
• VBL = responsible managers and leaders of sustainable
enterprises of the future
 Responsible = (1) “answerable legally or morally for
the discharge of a duty, trust, or debt” (Funk and
 Responsibility = “Burden” (Merriam-Webster)
• What are those duties, trusts, and
• What burdens of business?
 Sustain= (1) to keep from sinking or falling;
especially by bearing up from below; uphold;
support (7) to uphold or support as being true or
Pedagogy and My Role as Educator
• Teach = (1) “to impart knowledge by
lessons; give instruction” (2) “to train by
practice or exercise” (F&W)
• Educate = (1) “to develop or train the
mind, capabilities, or character by
instruction or study”
–“educo” (Latin) – “to draw out, to rear, bring up,
John Dewey
• “Our net conclusion is that life is
development, and that developing,
growing, is life” (Democracy and
• “Growth itself is the only ‘moral’ end”
(Reconstruction in Philosophy)
The Purpose of Education
• Positive change and growth as goal or object of
• “Educare”
 “draw out”
 “lead out”
 Of what? Toward what?
• Learning Community
• Shared responsibility
• Roles and Responsibilities
Our Path (Topics)
Leadership & Societal Values
Social Contract and Social Capital
Building and Retaining Trust in Organizations
Ethical Decision Making
Individual and Organizational Ethics
Values-Based Leadership
Ethics Across Cultures
Professionalism in Business and Government
I Look Forward
to Our Time