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We had a meeting on 29thSeptember in dean’s garden Mulago, in which we discussed research
updates from each of us.
About sickle cells trait identification:
Haemoglobinopathy evaluation
Hemoglobin S solubility
Hemoglobin fractionation by HPLC
Hemoglobin electrophoresis
Hemoglobin isoelectric focusing
Cellulose acetate electrophoresis
Microfluidic approach
We found out that haemoglobinopathy evaluation involved all the above four hemoglobin
About degeneration of intervertebral disc.
 Spinal fusion which is expensive and not always successful.
 Discgenics is a preclinical technology that uses cell therapy and biomaterials. It isolates
cells directly from adult human disc tissues, also cost effectives and non-surgical.
 proteoglycan aggrecan which is found in the cartilage is an important component of
intervertebral disc
We met Opolot on Friday 30th, where we discussed about the problem statements.
Here were the remarks he made about our problem statements:
 The title of sickle cells disease/trait was general, it required to be narrowed down to the
specific problem we are to solve.
 Also the degeneration of intervetebral disc required to be improved
 We needed to include the world statistics about our problem statements so that our
problem is more convincing that it is a problem.
Pending activities
Editing the titles of our problem statements.
Improving the statistical values of our problem statement.
Doing extensive reading and research on our problems.