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UNIT 4: The Early Modern World, 1450-1750 CE
Chapter 19 – Early Latin America, Part I
Due Thursday, January 17th
Key Vocabulary: Ferdinand of Aragon; Isabella of Castille; Encomiendas; Bartolome de Las
Answer the following questions based on information found in your textbook on pages 407-415.
Your responses will be your notes for this chapter and topic.
1. Describe the efforts of Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain to create a fully Christian (namely
Roman Catholic) kingdom in Early Modern Western Europe.
2. What was the encomienda system established by the Spanish and Portuguese in early Latin
3. Explain the three periods of conquest and colonization enacted by the Spanish and Portuguese.
4. How did the Caribbean serve as a laboratory for Spanish colonization in other regions? What
were the consequences of such experiments in this region?
5. Describe the patterns of conquest employed by the Spanish during the Early Modern Period.
What were the commonalities between expeditions, and what were the general outcomes?
6. Explain the debate over the morality of Spanish conquest and colonization. What were the two
sides of this debate? What were the main arguments of each? What was the result of the
7. Describe some of the ways indigenous American groups were exploited by colonial
NAME: _____________________________
UNIT 4: The Early Modern World, 1450-1750 CE
Chapter 19 – Early Latin America, Part II
Due Tuesday, January 22nd
Key Vocabulary: Potosi; Haciendas; Galleons; Treaty of Tordesillas; Vice-royalties; Audiencias;
Sociedad de Castas; Peninsulares; Creoles; The War of Spanish Succession
Answer the following questions based on pages 416-430 of your textbook. Your responses will be
your notes for this chapter and topic.
1. What was the basis for the Spanish colonial economy in early Latin America? How did the
Spanish in Latin America conduct trade? How does the “Fleet System” fit into the economic
structure of this region?
2. Explain the Treaty of Tordesillas (1494) in your own words.
3. Describe the various aspects of the Spanish bureaucratic apparatus established in the American
colonies during the Early Modern Period.
4. What was the role of the Church in early Latin America?
5. What were the major resources controlled by Portugal in their colonization of Brazil? How did
these resources and the economy based around them influence the development of Brazil?
6. Explain the “sociedad de castas” (Society of Castes) established in Latin America following
Spanish colonization. What were the designations of each group? How was caste membership
determined? What were the problems associated with this system?
7. What problems did Spain face in the 18th century that caused their power over their colonies to
weaken? What reforms were made by the new Spanish dynasty (the Bourbons) in order to fix
the problems faced by Spain?
8. In 1-2 paragraphs, compare the treatment of indigenous Americans in the Early Modern Period
to those of serfs in Russia during the same time period.