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The Odyssey
Part IV Quiz
1) Why are there no weapons around for the suitors to use against
2) How does Eurymachus try to avoid bloodshed? What is Odysseus’
3) How is Eurymachus’ second speech (lines 74-84) different from his first?
4) Which speech do you think represents the real Eurymachus? Why?
5) Do you think Odysseus is right in seeking bloody revenge against the
suitors? Why or why not?
6) How does Telemachus feel about this slaughter? What tells you this?
7) What reasons might Penelope have for not welcoming Odysseus
8) How can the old nurse tell that Odysseus is who he claims to be?
9) What problem does Odysseus anticipate after killing the suitors? How
does he plan to deal with it?
10) Explain how Penelope tests Odysseus. How does Odysseus prove
himself to her? Please include specific details in your response.
5 points
11) Tell me what you learned about Greek culture and beliefs while
reading The Odyssey. What were some of their rules and how were they
expected to treat others? What were their religious beliefs?