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Bell #15
Fill in the blanks as best as you
could (you must write the
paragraph as well)
Odysseus’ ________ began when he fought in the Trojan War. After victory for he and
the Greeks, Odysseus sailed to ________ where he and his men fought the _________.
Later, they came across a land where a honeyed plant called the ________ cast a spell
on individuals. When Odysseus was finally able to get some of his men out, they came
across the land of the ________ where he was _________ to see _________ when his
men warned him not to stay in the cave. A prayer was said to __________ in hopes
that Odysseus wouldn’t see his home, ___________. Later, Odysseus had to consult
the blind prophet, __________ about his future journey. Odysseus and his men had to
avoid the Sirens, Charybdis, and ________ before dealing with _________ cattle.