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Ramesh Veerasurla
2801 Chancellorsville Drive, Apt #128, Tallahassee, Florida 32312, USA
18+ years of diversified experiences conceptualizing and implementing engineering solutions to
technical, strategic shortcomings in the area of power electronics design and motor controls
Standardized and transformed existing engineering and management processes. Envisioned and
recommended systemic overhauls to senior management. Acclaimed for launching product
prototypes and training globally distributed stakeholders.
Power Electronics Engineer: May, 2010 till Present, Danfoss Turbocor Compressors Inc, Tallahassee,
Florida, USA
Lead current technological processes for power electronics group. Resolved multi-million dollar
mission critical product issues with clients.
Evaluated project proposals and implemented new product design changes. Successfully
managed a team of 8 handling 5 projects from concept through full product launch within 2.5
Provided technical leadership, scheduled and coordinated work. Developed project estimates and
sizing and delegate tasks to various project teams.
Successfully rectified anti fuse FPGA issues. Implemented low cost ProASIC chip.
Specify test plans and procedures to qualify passive, active and EMI filters used in power
electronic applications.
Developed a/c dynamometer based torque validation tool for qualifying next generation motor
control platforms.
Reproduced product errors using simulation software such as Altium Summer, CASPOC, Semisel
and PSIM. Identified key product errors, isolated systemic and product failures saving 40%
operational time.
Engineered and implemented robust testing techniques for power electronics hardware not
limited to but including DC power supplies, IGBT’s, SCR’s and gate drive control circuitry.
Benchmarked reliability test standards for PCB layout and component design.
Validated cooling methodologies for low and high power discrete devices.
Provide technical guidance and support to customer service and marketing personnel.
Senior Staff Engineer: Mar. 2008 till May 2010, United Technologies Corporation (Carrier Business
Unit), Old Statesville, Charlotte, NC, USA
Responsible for development and testing of hardware, functional specifications and engineering.
Requirements for low and medium voltage motor control products.
Implemented thermal management solutions for power electronics hardware.
Collaborated with global engineering and project management teams. Reviewed design
modifications of existing centrifugal and screw chillers applications.
Implemented technical solutions and standardized design procedures for motor controls across
all business units in United States, China and Europe. Resulted in saving million dollars annually
Global product engineering support for low and medium voltage motor controls.
Support the ACE KEY PROCESS teams as assigned to help achieve ACE GOLD for Charlotte
Motor Controls Engineer Ingersoll Rand Co (Air Solutions Business Unit): Sept. 2005 to Mar. 2008,
Davidson, NC, USA
Implement and monitor project based solutions as defined by changing business needs.
Reviewed strategic changes that enabled to create additional business revenues and consistent
market expansion.
Responsible for key revenue driving capital projects related to rotary and screw air-compressor
Developed functional specifications for PM IM, with different motor controllers.
Provide technical support to global engineering teams. Developed custom solutions to high
impact customers.
Conduct validation of machine controls firmware/software, including completion of supplier liaison
and engineering production release.
Reduced warranty costs by 1.5 million dollars and improve product reliability to enhance
customer satisfaction.
Developed a 25HP motor control using a open loop architecture.
Travelled globally to understand, document and categorize product issues .Conducted root cause
failure analysis, DFMEA, risk identification and mitigation for compressor motor controls.
Manager Engineering: May 1997 to Sept. 2005, Cookson Fibers, Asheboro, NC, USA
Responsible for development of new product and process control systems.
Managed projects from conception to implementation. Evaluated project deliverables and
estimated the effort required. Monitored and optimized project costs by enforcing strict adherence
to agreed time lines.
Implemented process changes to existing applications and systems, monitoring each for
compliance to best practice.
Developed automated solutions. Supervised proactive measures for various process needs.
Built data acquisition systems to capture processing failures and recommend customer specific
process improvements.
Reduced energy costs by implementing efficient process controls. Reduced capital costs and
process downgrades. Enhanced product reliability and increase profitability.
Authored technical documentation for process control engineers. Implemented green operating
procedures facilitating cost savings.
Developed process programs using broad array of programmable logic controllers and HMI’s like
Mitsubishi, Siemens, and Red Lion PLC’s and E-Terminals/Beijer.
Developed industrial tools to provide high process yields, improve productivity and quality
Designed precise and highly accurate control systems for quench air handlers and auxiliary plant
cooling systems using modular concept controls.
Provided technical support to other business units of Cookson Fibers.
Instrumentation & Controls Engineer: Aug. 1995 to May 1997, Tolaram Polymers, Asheboro, NC.
Calibration and commissioning of critical process instrumentation like level, flow, pressure,
temperature, and relative humidity.
Execute capital projects and commissioning of several prototypes projects
Manage project budget and resources
Asst. Manager Engineering: July 1991 to Aug. 1995, GVK Industries INDIA
 Electrical installation, calibration, and commissioning of 33KV sub-station and associated controls
 Validate and test all LT distribution transformers and switchgears
In-house design and testing of industrial control panels to meet various process requirements
Project Engineer: S.S. Engineers June 1989 to July 1991, Hyderabad, INDIA
Projects execution, liaison with external government power distribution companies
Commissioning and testing of extra high tension distribution equipments such as transformers
switchgears and upstream/downstream protective relays
Professional Affiliations:
Member IEEE since 2000
Six Sigma Green Belt Certification from Danfoss
Professional Skills: Simulation tools MATLAB, PSIM, CASPOC, Altium Summer and etc…
Education: Bachelor’s in Electronics & Communications, Hyderabad, INDIA
Computer Skills:
Operating systems: Windows (2000, XP, ME, NT), DOS & Macintosh.
Software: MS Office, MS Access, Visio, MFG-PRO, MS Projects, ORACLE, Project Link &
Hardware: Upgrade PC’s and Building home networking systems.
PE Simulation Tools: PSIM, Semisel, CASPOS & Altium Summer
NFPA-79, UL-508, Motor Controls, Six Sigma and Rockwell Power Flex 70-Drive applications of
drives on data highway, Microchip motor PIC, DSPIC controls, TI Motor Control Developer
References: Available upon request