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Mr. Lawniczak
Social Studies 10
Age of Enlightenment: Video Guide
1. The historical period of the Enlightenment is also referred to as what?
2. The human ability to do what was glorified?
3. The word Enlightenment means “a time of __________________________.”
4. The thinkers of the Enlightenment inspired revolutions in what two areas of the world?
5. Francis Bacon believed he could free people from ignorance doing what?
6. What event in England (which we studied) was occurring when Isaac Newton was born?
7. Isaac Newton discovered and created what new type of mathematics?
8. What contributions to the study of space did Newton create?
9. List a few scientific discoveries that other scientists made after Isaac Newton’s work.
10. What is a philosopher?
11. John Locke believed that the power to rule must come from whom?
12. True or False: Locke opposed the Glorious Revolution in England?
13. What three natural rights did Locke believe all humans were born with?
14. What other ideas did John Locke promote?
15. If a government failed to protect basic human rights, people had the right to do what?
16. The thinker Voltaire is famous for the idea of what?
17. Montesquieu believed that in order to maintain balance within a government what must be done?
18. Nearly all Enlightenment thinkers called for the separation of what two things?
Video Quiz (Please answer True of False):
1. The “Age of Reason” is another name for the Enlightenment.
2. Deists and Catholics had almost identical ideas about religion.
3. Francis Bacon and Rene Descartes are considered to be the fathers of the Enlightenment.
4. Voltaire invented a system for biological classification.
5. The use of the Scientific Method improved the quality of scientific study.