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«Средняя общеобразовательная школа № 4»
по английскому языку
«It’s delicious»
Выполнили: Горбач А.
Крешкова Р.
Леончик А.
1. Сравнить домашнюю еду и фаст-фуд;
2. Доказать, что домашняя намного полезнее и вкусней;
3. Доказать вред фаст-фуда.
1. Многие люди предпочитают домашней еде
продукцию из ресторанов или фаст-фуда;
2. Чрезмерное потребление такой пищи оказывает
пагубное влияние на здоровье человека;
Home cooking:
Sometimes the whole family to go to a restaurant or a cafe for a change and "go to the people"
is very useful. Yet we, the Eurasians, more familiar cuisine. Whether it is our Russian
stereotypes, whether a relic of the past, but not like the Europeans, the Russians prefer to have
breakfast, lunch and dinner at home. Whereas the Germans, the French, the English is quite
normal for a few times a week as a family dinner in a cafe or restaurant. Say what you will - is
convenient. Do not have to cook, wash dishes - too.
The benefits of home cooking can talk for hours, because it is devoid of any kind of additives
and preservatives, because we are confident in its freshness, because the preparation of a meal,
we take into account the products, which must be included in our diet, and to exclude those who
want to give up ... but still need to pay attention to how the process of making homemade food
affects our psychological state.
Enjoy homemade food - a positive effect on the human psyche, as we are preparing not just a
salad or pudding, we prepare a feast for the people near and dear to us, for the members of his
family. Only the existence of such a motivation, enough to safely say that home-cooked meals
prepared with love and care, so - have positive energy and give us a good mood, filling us with
power from within.
Fast Food
The first thing that comes to mind of the positive qualities of fast food is that you can quickly
satisfy hunger. Fast food (fast food) is translated to English means "fast food." I bought a cake,
sandwich or ice cream and swallowed it, like, saturated. A second advantage is that it is not spent
large investments, compared to the cost of a full meal at home or in an institution catering. That's
about all the pluses.
The main disadvantage of fast food is causing serious harm to health. First of all, this is due to its
high calorie foods. To enhance the taste they add a lot of fat and sugar. Even vegetable salad
dressed with mayonnaise or sauces based on it. People, a lot of work done at the office, in just a
month with this diet are obese.
In addition, fatty and sugary foods is harmful effect on the cardiovascular and endocrine system.
Atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease - the eternal companions of people who eat fast food.
Eating fast food fast food leads to that increases the volume and calorie of food eaten. Indeed, in
the five or ten minutes, during which eat fast food, the brain does not have time to do a signal
saturation. This signal comes just twenty minutes.
Fast food is not a balanced diet. There are in excess of fats and carbohydrates, and proteins,
vitamins and minerals - in the negative. A body of their demands, and causes us to go in search
of them. Which leads to new snack, and then to obesity and its accompanying diseases.
Many in the fast food and carcinogenic substances, harmful food additives as dyes, baking
powder, flavors, stabilizers, preservatives and antioxidants. All of them are guilty of violating the
gastrointestinal tract, allergic reaction, and other potential problems for our body.
Our school canteen
Every school day in our dining room is covered with
wonderful breakfasts. Often we do not load up their
portions, so we buy pastries and sweets in our school
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