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Problem Set 7C Calorimetry
The specific heat of silver is 0.24 J/g . Co . How much heat needs to be added to a 184.2 g block of
silver to get its temperature to rise 12.7 degrees?
A 25.0 g chunk of an unknown metal is heated to 100.0 oC and then dropped into 150 mL of water
which was 20.0 oC. The final temperature of the mixture is 21.6 oC. What is the specific heat of
the unknown metal?
A hot piece of iron was added to 600 g of water. The temperature of the water increases from 25 to
33 Co .
a) How much heat did the water absorb?
b) The amount of heat absorbed by the water was the amount of heat lost by the iron. If the piece
of iron was 35 g and the specific heat of iron is 0.451 J/g . Co what was the original temperature
of the iron? (hint: the iron was dropped into the water, so you know the final temperature of
the iron)
50.0 g of iron (C = .46 J/g.oC) at 200 oC is added to 175 mL of water at 25oC what is the final
temperature of the iron?
Problem Set 7C Calorimetry
A 1.00 g sample of naphthalene (C10H8) is burned in a bomb calorimeter containing 650 grams of
water at an initial temperature of 20.00ºC. After the reaction, the final temperature of the water is
32.8ºC. The heat capacity of the calorimeter is 420 J/ºC. Using these data, calculate the heat of
combustion of naphthalene in kJ/mol.