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Light, Mirrors, Lenses Study Guide
 Reflecting telescopes use a concave mirror instead of an objective lens
to gather light from a distant object.
 If white light were shone through a blue filter, blue light would pass
 Light waves do not need a medium to travel through.
 The image in a convex mirror is always upright, and is smaller than
the object.
 Yellow, magenta and cyan are primary pigment colors.
 Lasers can be used for different types of surgery.
 Reflecting telescopes use curved mirrors to form images.
 If light waves change speed when they pass from one medium into
another, the light will be refracted.
 The primary colors of light are red, blue, and green.
 When light strikes a transparent material, most of the light goes
through it.
 A magnifying glass is a convex lens.
 A convex lens is thick in the middle and thin at the edges
 The image formed by a plane mirror is upright and reversed
 Waxed paper and frosted glass are examples of translucent material.
 An optical fiber can make a light beam travel in a path that is curved
or twisted.
 A concave lens is a diverging lens.
 A light ray is one narrow beam of light traveling in a straight line.
 Glass is an example of a transparent material
 If an object looks red, it reflects red light
 When all the primary colors are mixed together you see white light.
convex mirror
Concave lense
plane mirror
Convex lens
concave mirror