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The Americas, East Asia, Mongols & “The Rise of the West” in The Post-Classical Era: 500-1450 C.E.
Andrus AP World History Ch 11 Reading Study Guide #2 P. 244-255
1. Where was the Inca Empire located? What is the other, more authentic, name for it?
2. According to legend, what is the origin of the Inca people?
3. How many people lived under Inca rule?
4. Describe the Inca rulers split inheritance rule? Why did they have this?
5. Describe Inca religion? What are huacas?
Describe 3 ways in which the Inca spread their culture throughout conquered territories?
9. What was the purpose of the tambos?
10. How did the Inca rulers collect “tribute” from conquered peoples?
11. The Inca ruler was seen as a link to the _______ his wife was seen as a link to the _______.
12. Who were the ayllu in Inca society?
13. Who were the yanas in Inca society?
14. Why did the Spaniards refer to Inca nobility as the “Big Ears”?
15. Why was there no significant merchant class in the Inca Empire?
The Americas, East Asia, Mongols & “The Rise of the West” in The Post-Classical Era: 500-1450 C.E.
Read “In Depth: The ‘Troubling’ Civilizations of the Americas” and Be Prepared to Discuss
16. What practices by American Indians societies were most condemned by Europeans?
17. What is Inca socialism? Is this a legitimate view of the Inca Empire?
18. Besides the notorious Aztecs, what other culture have engaged in human sacrifice?
19. What are quipu?
20. Even though the Inca were ‘preliterate’ why do Stearns et al, consider them to be a civilization?
21. Which civilization attempted to create an “overarching political state” within its domains?
22. What was the basis of BOTH civilizations? How were BOTH empires created?
23. How did these civilizations ‘demonstrate their strength’ even after conquest by the Spanish Empire?
24. What is the best estimate for the Pre-Columbian population of the Americas? Of the world?
25. Why is there so little detail about Native American Indian cultures outside of Aztec & Inca lands?
26. Among these peripheral Native American Indian cultures, where was culture, language, livelihood
and ‘political’ practice most diverse?