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Improve Your Vocabulary!!
Vocabulary is best improved by reading and writing. When we learn the meaning of words in
context we develop a better feeling for levels of usage and connotation. A dictionary is
indispensable in developing our knowledge of words. When we write we should ensure that we
know the meaning of a word, the correct spelling and how it functions grammatically. The best
way to do so is to check a dictionary.
We should check different types of dictionaries.
General Dictionaries such as the Oxford English Dictionary or the Webster’s New
International. There are many of these which list words currently used by speakers.
They are usually abridged meaning that they omit archaic technical words and terms.
Unabridged Dictionaries
These are dictionaries which do not limit their listings by removing technical terms,
discussions of spelling, punctuation, plural forms and use of italics. When we need
detailed explanation of how to use a word we use an unabridged dictionary such as the
Oxford English Dictionary which is in 12 volumes.
Special Dictionaries
There are many types of special dictionaries. The thesaurus is one that is needed for
writing purposes – this is a dictionary of synonyms. It is useful to consult a thesaurus so
as to use alternative words for the same object, concept or situation.