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Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane
SSE, Spring 2003
Syllabus, CSC 3326: Database Systems
Professor: Hachim Haddouti
Office: Building 7, Room 16
Class hours : T Th from 12:30-13:50 pm in B 7 R 1
Office Hours: 3:00-5:30 T Th
Phone: 2111
10-12 W Th
Email: h.haddouti
Course Objective:
Upon sucessful completion of this course, a student will
1. know strengths and weaknesses of the major conceptual and implementation models for databases
2. know current trends in databases
Student will be able to
3. produce good relational database design
4. use SQL to build and query a database
5. implement a database using a commercial DBMS
Textbook: Database Systems: Design, Implementation and Management, 5th edition, by P.
Rob and C. Coronel, Int’l Thomson Publishing, 2002.
Course Requirements: Student grades will be based on a midterm and a final exam,
homework assignments, projects/Labs, and participation & attendance & punctuality,
according to the following grading policy:
Midterm exam 20 %, final exam 30 %, homework assignments 15 %, project 30 %,
participation & attendance & punctuality 5 %.
The following grading scale will be applied:
A [90..100]
B [80..90[
C [70..80[
D [60..70[
F [00..60[
Tests: Tests and exams will be given in-class. No academic material is allowed during exams
and nothing could be shared. An excused absence for a test will allow the student to take a
makeup for that test during the final week of class. Expect makeup tests to be more difficult
than the original test.
In your term project, you will bring together concepts and tools, in order to develop a
complete database application. The project consists of:
 your project proposal;
 a first deliverable, consisting of your E-R diagram, along with an implementation of
the normalized tables in MS SQL Server;
a second deliverable, consisting of your complete application using desktop GUI or
web capabilities; and
a final report and demo.
Syllabus and preliminaries
File Systems and Databases
The Relational Model
Entity-Relationship Modelling
Normalization of Database Tables
Mid Exam (week of 10/3)
!!!!!13/3 in Auditorium Bldg. 4 12:3013:50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Database Design
Implementation of the Database Design
Concepts: A Case Study
Transaction Management and
Concurrency Control
Object-Oriented Databases
Client/Server and Web databases
12, 15
Data Warehouse
Final Exam (weeks of 12/5)
Mid semester break: Week of 3/3
!!!!! Mid Exam on 13 March, same class time but in Auditorium Bldg. 4 !!!!!!
Course Philosophy:
The professor will present course material in a variety of ways, including lecture, extended
examples, and assignment and review of projects. It is your responsibility to keep up with
course material and to ask questions when concepts are unclear during class, during office
hours or during other individually scheduled times.
This syllabus is tentative and subject to change, according to verbal notice during class
3 lates (2 min) means UA
No mobile Phone.