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Enterprise information
systems and architectures.
DT211 4
Time Table
• Lectures:
– Monday 9.00 to 11.00 (KE G-026)
• Tutorial
– Wednesday 12.00 to 13.00 (KA 3-010)
• Exam 70%
• Assignment 30%
• Introduction to Enterprise systems: what is an meant by enterprise?
• Enterprise strategic management concepts (aligning IT with
– Enterprise Strategy formulation
– Enterprise Strategy implementation
– Enterprise Strategy evaluation
• Enterprise systems and architectures:
– Basics client server architectures
• Basics of enterprise databases systems
– Concurrency recovery and query optimisation
– Multi-dimensional databases
– Distributed systems and distributed databases
• Core (database) “systems” associate enterprise
wide “decision making”:
– legacy systems
– data warehouse
– Data Mining
• Enterprise “activity” systems:
– Supply chain Management
– Customer relationship management
– Business process management
• Implementation of organisational
information systems
– Enterprise application integration (EAI)
– Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
– Cloud computing: a viable Enterprise system
• This will be covered in the tutorial class
– Finding appropriate information source to
write a dissertation.
– Report on principles and best practices
associate with team “project” work.
– A dissertation on utilising “enterprise
systems/applications” to achieve an
organisations strategy.
– Presenting of the dissertation
Reading material
• David, F. 2013 Strategic management: A
competitive advantage approach: concepts and
cases 14 ed. (Pearson education)
• Laudon and Laudon, Essentials of Management
Information Systems. 12ed
• Database Systems : A practical approach to
design, implementation and management.
Connolly and Begg 4ed