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The End and the Beginning
April 9, 1865
Grant and Lee at Appomattox Court House
Talked about the War they had fought on the same
side-Mexican War
Grant let Lee’s officers keep swords (honor)
Grant let the Confederate soldiers keep their horses if
they were theirs so they could use in farming.
Seems interesting given Grant’s reputation.
Cost of the War
South lost
To Punish or Forgive????
Hadn’t the South suffered enough?
Attitude-War of RebellionWar between the StatesReconstruction
? If Lincoln felt South had no right to secede-weren’t they still states?
Sure-South agrees w/Lincoln now.
People’s choice vs. Gov’t.
Why attitudes?
Thaddeus StevensCharles Sumner (remember him)Lincoln’s Plan
1863Wade-Davis-Radical Republicans
April 14, 1865
Ford’s Theatre
Who went?
Who didn’t go?
SoWhat Play-“
John Wilkes BoothFamilyCareer-
Original PlanWhat happened-when that failed-plot to kill Lincoln, VP Johnson,
Secretary of State Seward and others
Sic Semper Tyrannis- Lincoln taken to boarding house across the
street…the next morning..
April 15th-7:22 AM-Lincoln dies…
Secretary of War Edward Stanton says, “now he belongs to the ages.”
Lewis Powell stabs
Assassin assigned to kill Johnson loses nerve.
Mary Surratt8 people-
His name is Mudd-Dr. Sam MuddWhat happens to Booth-April 26-