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Chapter 36 and 37
Study Guide
Cold War and the 1950’s
Chapter 36
what were some of the results of the continued growth of the suburbs
What factors led to the decline of organized labor in the 1950’s
What area of the country saw the greatest population growth since 1945
What was Truman’s response to the blockade of roads and railways to Berlin in 1948
What were the characteristics of population distribution and shifts after World War II
What percentage of Americans lived in suburbs in 1960
What did Truman try to do to prevent an economic downturn immediately following the end of the war
During what years did the baby boom reach its peak
Know the following postwar American policies and programs: Point Four, NATO, Truman Doctrine, and
Marshall Plan
What did the U.S. pledge to do under the Truman Doctrine
What was NSC-68 and what belief did it reflect
What was the result of the Federal Housing Authority refusing to give loans to blacks
What factors contributed to the long economic boom that followed World War II
What motivated the passage of the GI Bill and what did the GI Bill provide
What was the result of American membership in NATO at home and abroad? What shift did NATO reflect in
American foreign policy
Why did Southern Democrats split in 1948 and nominate Strom Thurmond as a State Rightist
What did the Marshall Plan call for
What were the differences between the League of Nations and the United Nations
Why did Truman relieve MacArthur of duty in Korea
What helped fuel the prosperity of the Sunbelt area
Marshall plan helped thwart communism in what two European nations
Why was the Taft-Hartley act a major blow to labor
Know the presidential candidates for the 1948 election and what party each represented
What was George Kennan’s telegram called and policy did he advocate
As a result of the postwar economic boom, what happened to home ownership in the US
Reduced amounts of farms and farmers was the result of what in postwar America
The UN’s earliest failure was when?
What were some of the factors that encouraged Americans to move to the suburbs
What was Truman’s domestic plan called
Chapter 37
What methods did African Americans use in the South to overturn Jim Crow Laws
What was Eisenhower’s policies towards Native Americans
What were the details of Eisenhower’s New Look foreign policy
What was the United States response to the Hungarian Uprising
In what ways did work change in the 1950’s
What caused Latin American nations to grow increasingly more angry towards the United States in the 1950’s
What was Eisenhower’s response to the imminent fall of the French at Dien Bien Phu
What made the 1954 court case Brown v Board of Education so epochal
How would one describe Eisenhower’s view towards racial justice
During the 1952 presidential campaign, Eisenhower promised to do what in Korea
How did Eisenhower define his domestic policy
What was the Eisenhower supported public works project that was more expensive than any of the New Dealer
Who was Joseph McCarthy and when did he first rise to national prominence
Who were two postwar fiction writers who explored the problems and anxieties of affluence
What new Deal programs or ideas did Eisenhower accept and maintain
Why did the Paris conference scheduled in 1960 collapse
What was America’s response to the launching of Sputnik by the Soviet Union in 1957
In regards to Eisenhower’s second term, what role did he take in the government
What was the result of McCarthy’s campaign against communist subversion in America
What role did television play in terms of politics
In the 1950’s , where did the CIA engineer pro-American political coups
Who did the US condemn in 1956 as an aggressor in the Suez Canal crisis
What was the public opinion of Eisenhower when he left the presidency in 1961
What was decided in the 1955 Geneva Conference
What factor tipped the scales in favor of JFK in the 1960 election
What was the Eisenhower Doctrine and to what nations did it intend to extend aid
Who was the leader of the nationalist movement in Vietnam
The SNCC was an outgrowth of what event in the South