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7th Grade Science Unit: Human Body Systems
The main focus of this unit will be on the life science portion of the 7th grade
science outcome 2. The driving objectives are listed below.
Outcome 2: Students will explore and explain the concepts, theories, models of
physical, life, and earth sciences.
Objectives: Investigate and describe human body systems and how they
work (urinary, respiratory, circulatory, nervous, digestive, and
Investigate the impact of disease on human body systems at an
introductory level.
The 7th grade science outcome 1 objectives related to human body systems will be
interwoven throughout all activities of the human body unit. These outcomes are
listed below.
Outcome 1: Students will use scientific inquiry and technology to recognize and
apply the unifying concepts and processes of the natural world.
Objectives: Recognize the key parts and functions of any system.
Analyze and predict within a system and between systems.
Create and use classification schemes.
Interpret cause and effect relationships within and between
Observe and develop models (physical, mathematical, mental,
and computer simulations).