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Global History 9
Mrs. Belesis
Review Sheet: Belief Systems
1. What beliefs do Judaism, Christianity and Islam all share?
a. Monotheism
b. All provide a code of conduct/behavior
2. What are the sacred books for each:
a. Christianity
i. Bible
b. Islam
i. Quran
c. Judaism
i. Torah
d. Buddhism
e. Hinduism
i. The Vedas
f. Confucianism
i. The Analects
3. What religions are monotheistic? Polytheistic?
a. Monotheistic: Judaism, Christianity, Islam
b. Polytheistic: Hinduism and Buddhism
4. Under which religion can we find Protestant, Eastern Orthodox, Lutheran, Roman Catholic, Born Again etc.
a. Christianity
5. What significance does the Hejira hold?
a. It was Mohammed’s journey from Mecca to Medina. It signified the establishment of the Islamic faith.
6. Where did Christianity, Judaism and the Jewish faith all begin?
a. Jerusalem
7. What do all religions provide society with?
a. Code of Conduct and behavior
8. What do Buddhists believe in? How can they end suffering?
a. Eight fold path, 4 noble truths, Practicing non violence
b. Stop suffering by eliminating desires.
c. Reincarnation
9. What are the basic beliefs of Confucianism?
a. Peace/Harmony can be reached by the proper behavior of each member of a family or society.
b. Do not do to others how others what you do not wish for yourself
c. Each person must/should accept and perform his/her duties in society.
10. Explain the beliefs of Hinduism.
a. Polytheistic
b. Caste system
c. Reincarnation
d. Brahman is the ultimate god that transforms into other gods.
11. How are Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism similar?
a. Established peaceful harmonious societies
12. Define/Identify:
a. Five relationships
i. Maintain social and political order.
b. Eightfold Path
i. Buddhist Belief
ii. Know the truth, say nothing to hurt others, practice mediation, resist evil, free your mind from
evil, work for the good of others, respect life, control your thoughts.
4 Noble truths
i. Buddhist belief
Ten commandments
i. Followed by Jews and Christians
ii. Found in the Bible and the Torah
i. Greatly influenced the Jewish people
ii. Constantly removed/displaced from nations
Filial Piety
i. Respect for ones parents and elders
ii. Maintaining family honor
i. The belief that after death you are reborn.
ii. Hinduism and Buddhism
Caste System
i. A way of life and element of religion
ii. Social structure
iii. Found in Hinduism and Buddhism.