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Grade 6 Social Studies Extension Menu
Ancient China
Directions: Choose a learning activity from one square to complete.
Circle the number of the learning activity you choose.
Turn in this paper with your work.
1. Design a tri-fold brochure
to prepare travelers in Ancient
China for the East to West
journey along the Silk Road.
Organize the brochure to
inform travelers about
 the items they will need
to survive the journey,
 silk-making,
 goods and products
imported and exported
from China via the Silk
Road, and
 any people or dangers
they may encounter on
the way to Byzantium’s
2. Create an annotated,
illustrated timeline of the lives
of Confucius and Lao-tzu.
Include 6-8 significant events
from the life of each man.
Illustrations may be handdrawn or computer clip art.
The events and annotations on
your timeline should reflect
the history, traditions, and
customs and beliefs of
Confucianism and Taoism.
Proofread to
be sure that
all writing is
clear, well
edited, and
3. Research the Great Wall of
China and one other historical
wall that is of interest to you,
such as the Berlin Wall, the Iron
Curtain, the walls of Jericho,
the walls of Madrid, etc. Create
a multimedia presentation to
teach your classmates about
 the similarities and
differences in the
construction, purpose,
and impact of these two
walls, and
 how each wall reflects
the social, political,
and/or cultural aspects
of the place where it is
4. Develop a 10-minute news
segment on the Shang dynasty
for a television news program
(live or videotaped). Include
 a creative title,
 basic background
information about the
time period,
 an overview of the major
rulers of the dynasty and
their achievements, and
 descriptions of the social
structure, religion,
writing, art, and
technology of the Shang
5. Write your idea here.
5. With a partner or a small
group, select an invention or
discovery made during the
Han empire that is of interest
to you. Construct a learning
center to teach your classmates
about this invention or
discovery. Develop at least
three of the following
activities for your center:
games, nonfiction readings,
worksheets, graphic
organizers, multimedia,
graphing, and mapmaking
activities. Prepare a short
quiz for your classmates to
assess what they have learned
at the center.
Teacher Initials for Approval:
Social Studies/Ancient China/Grade 6
Teacher Resource Page
Grade 6 Social Studies Extension Menu
Concept and/or Topic: Ancient China (SS.HAW.50)
Intended Purpose: Culminating activity or alternative activity for students
who have mastered curricular indicators
Standard(s) and Indicators Addressed:
Box 1: SS.HAW.50.06 Analyze the significance of trans-Eurasian “silk roads”
Box 2: SS.HAW.50.03 Describe the major traditions, customs, and beliefs of Confucianism and Daoism
(Taoism) and their emergence in the context of the early imperial dynasties in China.
Box 3: SS.HAW.50.07 Terms and concepts to achieve the indicators should include the following: The
Great Wall
Box 4: SS.HAW.50.02a Describe the government, social structure, religion, writing, art, and technology
of the Shang dynasty.
Box 6: SS.HAW.50.05c Describe inventions and discoveries in the fields of warfare, government,
agriculture, industry, art, medicine, and science made during the Han Empire.
Organizational Tips:
Provide student access to the school media center, the Internet, textbooks, and/or subscription
databases (SIRS, Student Resource Center, etc.)
Provide access to supplies such as rulers, colored pencils, markers, paper, etc. for construction
of maps, graphic organizers, etc.
Provide access to the following resources as students create final products:
o Software (Publisher, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, etc.)
o Art supplies (poster board, colored pencils, magazines, rulers, etc.)
Social Studies/Ancient China/Grade 6