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Section 3
Texas Gains Independence
Time for a Decision
First Consultation…November, 1835
 Stay part of Mexico and continue
to work to restore the state’s
rights granted in the Constitution
of 1824?
 Seek independence?
Called second meeting of the Consultation…March 1, 1836
{hoped events would help them make a decision…Batttle of San
Antonio, Dec, 1835…Santa Anna’s march into Texas, January, 1836}
The Convention of 1836
Delegates met at Washington-on-the-Brazos for the second
Consultation {Convention of 1836}
 Declared independence on March 2, 1836
 Wrote constitution within two weeks
Texas Declaration of Independence
Most delegates were Anglo Americans {from the
southern United States}…two Tejanos {José Antonio
Navarro and José Francisco Ruíz}
Richard Ellis – chairperson
 Formed a committee headed by Goerge
Childress to write a declaration of
Declaration of Texas Independence…
 Modeled on the United States Declaration of Independence
1. Declared the rights of revolution
2. Lists the grievances {complaints} against the central
Sacrificing welfare to the state of Coahuila
Arrest of Stephen F. Austin
Failure to establish public education
Military occupation
Denial of rights {trail by jury; freedom of religion}
3. Proclaimed independence and pledges the support of all
who sign the declaration
Declared indepencdence from Mexico {never recognized
Santa Anna as the true leader of the nation}…March 2, 1836
“Texas Independence Day”
Establishing a Government
 Constitution written …modeled after United States
Created a republic
republic of texas
Established an ad interim {temporary} government
[unsure of the outcome of the revolution]
Selected officers
o David G. Burnet – President
o Lorenzo de Zavala – Vice-President
o Samuel P. Carsons – Secretary of State
o David Thomas – Attorney General
o Thomas J. Rusk – Secretary
of War
o Robert Potter – Secretary of
the Navy
o Sam Houston – Commanderin-Chief of the
Texas Army
Convention ended March 17…after the fall of the
The Treaties of Velasco
David G. Burnet established Harrisburg as the government’s
headquarters…moved to Velasco when they were forced to flee
Santa Anna’s army {Runaway Scrape}…
April 22…Santa Anna captured…brought to General Houston
(wounded in leg…required treatment in New Orleans}Burnet negotiated
with Santa Anna
Negotiated two treaties…The
…Public Treaty
Treaties of Velasco
* Santa Anna agreed never to fight against Texas again
* Santa Anna agreed to withdraw all Mexican troops from
* Provided for the exchange of all Mexican and Texan
…Private Treaty
* Santa Anna promised to work for Mexico’s recognition of
Texas independence
* Santa Anna would work to establish the boundary between
the nations at the Rio Grande
In return for signing the treaties…Santa Anna
would be released…{took several months because many
Texans wanted revenge for the Alamo and Goliad}…released
the first elected president of the Republic of Texas…Sam
Establishing the Republic
David G. Burnet was president for only six months…until first
elections could be held in September
 Henry Smith – 743 votes
 Stephen F. Austin – 587 votes
 Sam Houston – 5,119 votes
{Many newcombers to Texas had never heard of Austin}
3,277 voted to seek immediate annexation (the act of adding or
joining a territory to an existing one) to the United States