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Ancient China quiz 2-2013
Chinese Belief Systems and Dynasties
Choose the best answer for each question and write the letter of the answer on the blank
space. (2 points each)
____ 1) Confucius believed that society was like a family in which
a) each member tries to do better than the others.
b) the parents rule with an iron hand.
c) children have a voice in decisions.
d) all members know their places and responsibilities.
____ 2) Which of the following beliefs formed the basis of Legalism?
a) The ideas of Confucius and the Buddha should be made into law.
b) Public works should be built in all parts of the country.
c) The laws of China should be written down.
d) A ruler should use harsh punishment and rewards to control the people.
____ 3) During which dynasty was the Great Wall started?
a) the Shang
b) the Zhou
c) the Qin
d) the Han
____ 4) The first emperor of China was
a) Huang Shidi
b) Shi Huangdi
c) Qin
d) Lao-Tzu
____ 5) The Shang people used oracle bones
a) to tell stories.
b) to get advice from dead relatives.
c) to pray.
d) to record laws.
____ 6) The Mandate of Heaven was
a) a belief that only virtuous leaders had the right to rule over China.
b) a special prayer said when new rulers were appointed.
c) a way to get advice from dead relatives.
d) a belief that family members should respect their ancestors.
____ 7) What was one way the Zhou dynasty managed to keep China stable for several hundred
a) by claiming approval from heaven (Mandate of Heaven)
b) by enforcing strict laws
c) by limiting people’s freedom
d) by letting people vote for leaders
____ 8) Why were Confucianism, Daoism, and Legalism developed when they were?
a) because there were such good schools in China at the time
b) because the Zhou dynasty no longer had power
c) because the Zhou dynasty wanted to maintain the feudal system
d) because there was so much warring and disorder in China at the time
____ 9) The Zhou dynasty came after which dynasty?
a) Han
b) Lu
c) Shang
d) Qin
____ 10) A fortuneteller in Mesopotamia was like a ________ in ancient China.
a) wizard
b) diviner
c) king
d) priest
____ 11) Daoists believed that rulers should rule
a) with a ruler in hand.
b) as parents controlling children.
c) with very little involvement.
d) with strict punishments.
____ 12) What group belongs in the shaded area of the diagram?
The Chinese Feudal System
____ 13) Which phrase below best completes the following quotation?
“I am a follower of Confucius. I am the oldest
of three children in my family. My younger sister
and brother have to obey me. In return, I…”
“have to treat them well.”
“can punish them harshly if they disobey.”
“have to obey their wishes.”
“can do everything I want to do.”
____ 14) What philosophy do the statements on this list describe?
People are basically selfish.
Laws must be strict and must be strictly enforced.
Punishments for breaking laws must be harsh.
____ 15) All of the following are part of a Daoist environment except
a) don’t bring attention to oneself
b) keep the peace
c) reward yourself
d) be in harmony with nature
____ 16) Scholarly accomplishment was rewarded in
a) Confucianism
b) Daoism
c) Legalism
d) Republicanism
____ 17) There is no actual proof that this dynasty existed:
a) Shang
b) Han
c) Xia
d) Qin
____ 18) Similar to Mesopotamians, one ancient Chinese legend reveals the belief that humans
were formed from
a) fleas
b) clay
c) soil
d) water
____ 19) Many artifacts from the Shang Dynasty were made of
a) iron
b) silver
c) beads
d) bronze
____ 20) This legendary ruler controlled the Great Flood by digging rivers:
a) Wu the Great
b) Yu the Great
c) The Great Oz
d) Lao-Tzu the Great
Fill in the blanks for questions 21-25. Spelling and capitalization count. (2 points each question)
21) The belief system called ________________, encouraged harmony with nature and finding
“the way” that your life should go.
22) The early system of organizing people based on loyal relationships, including landlords and
tenants, during the Shang and Zhou Dynasties is called the _____________ system.
23) Put the first five dynasties in chronological order:
____________, ____________, ____________, ____________, ____________
24) One of the earliest Chinese religious beliefs honoring past family members and seeking
advice or guidance from them was ___________________.
25) Using a hot, metal stick, the diviner would read the cracks of ________________ to
answer kings’ questions and help to solve their problems.
________/ 50 points
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