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Chapter 23 the Han Dynasty Project
Your choices for the project are to create a power point, make a poster or a booklet, and
last you can put your project on note cards. Use chapter 23 in your book pages 223-231
to collect the information to complete the project.
1. Make a title slide using the title Achievements of the Han Dynasty. Also
include a list of the seven achievements and your name. Include one picture
relating to one of the achievements.
2. The second slide should be called the Beginning of the Han Dynasty and in this
slide, explain why the Han Dynasty came into power and how they changed the
way China was ruled.
3. Create slides for each of the following categories.
You need five pieces of information for each category in complete sentences with a
picture for each category.
4. Most Important Achievement slide
In five complete sentences or more, explain in which category the Han
Dynasty made its most important achievements.